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Pokémon Special Conquest

RBG Arc Ch.50: The Pokémon League pt.2


            “Go Poliwrath, Hydro Pump!”

            “Go Machamp, Fire Punch!”

In the middle of the stadium Red’s Poliwrath and Blue’s Machamp battle against one another to the roar of the crowd. Machamp closes in with its four fists covered in intense glowing flames as Poliwrath leaps back shooting out a large burst of water and using the blast to gain further distance. Machamp leaps into the air avoiding the attack and aiming itself towards Poliwrath.

            “Dynamic Punch!” Machamp comes in from above as Poliwrath stands its ground readying its fist.

As it closes in the two Pokémon trade blows as Poliwrath knocks Machamp away and Machamp pushes Poliwrath back. Both Pokémon pick themselves off of the ground and glare at one another before charging readying their next attack.

            “Cross-Chop!” Blue yells out from the sidelines.

            “Hydro Pump!”

Machamp puts it’s two four arms into position as Poliwrath closes in. Just as Machamp begins unleashing its attack Poliwrath shoots out a massive burst of water directly into its face. Machamp flies into the air as water rains down across the stadium floor with Machamp quickly following unconscious from the attack.

            “It’s about time.” Blue returns Machamp to its Poke’ball with a slight grin on his face. “I was wondering when someone was going to show me a real challenge.”

            “Well I’m here to please.” Red says with a grin on his face. “I was wondering when you were going to get serious myself, you seemed to be on Auto Pilot during our previous matches.”

            “Well those matches were nothing, but here and now….” Blue pulls out one of his Poke’balls and tosses it into the ring. “This is where I get serious!”

A large red bipedal insectoid Pokémon, with a metal exoskeleton, and large round pincers pops out roaring into the air as it appears. “Scizor, the Pincer Pokémon, its body has the hardness of steel and it is not fazed by ordinary attacks. It uses the eye like pattern on its pincers to intimidate foes.

            “A Johto Pokémon, I’m quite impressed with you Blue, never thought you had it in you.”

            “I realized holding back the Power of my Pokémon, due to something as foolish as the petty feud between rival nations is itself foolish.” Blue grins slightly as he looks towards Red. “So Red, show me your power as well!”

Scizor charges in towards Poliwrath at rapid pace. “Ice Beam.”


Poliwrath shoots out a large beam of ice with Scizor leaping into the air avoiding the attack. Scizor comes in from above slashing into Poliwrath and knocking it out as it falls to the ground.

            “That’s it this battle is reaching its epic conclusion as both Warriors only have two Pokémon left!” The announcer yells out from the sidelines as Red pulls out a Poke’ball.

            “Alright, go Pikachu!” Pikachu pops out onto the field its cheeks sparking with electricity. “Now Thunderbolt!”

Pikachu unleashes a blast of electricity that goes across the soaked ground as Scizor leaps into the air avoiding the attack. Scizor uses its wings to stay hovering in the air avoiding the crackling electricity on the ground

            “Now Iron Head!”

            “Brick Break!”

Scizor charges in gathering momentum as it comes in towards Pikachu. Pikachu leaps into the air avoiding Scizor’s attack as it comes down with its tail slamming down on Scizor knocking it to the ground and knocking it unconscious.

            “Looks like I have you in the corner now.” Red smirks at Blue as Pikachu sparks with electricity. “Looks like it’s my win this time.”

Blue returns Scizor to its Poke’ball as he looks towards Red with a grin. “If there’s anything I’ve learned from you, it’s that sometimes you can quickly turn the tides!”

Blue tosses out his Poke’ball with Blastoise popping out and crashing onto the ground. “Flash Cannon!”

Blastoise gathers energy inside of its cannons blasting them out in a massive burst as Pikachu leaps back attempting to avoid the attack. More and more energy shoots out as Pikachu comes to the edge of the ring as Blastoise’s attack stops.



Blastoise stomps on the ground creating a massive shockwave as Pikachu unleashes a massive blast of electricity into the air. The thunderbolt falls down hitting Blastoise as Blastoise’s shockwave hits Pikachu sending it back. Blastoise withstands Pikachu’s attack barely standing as Pikachu falls down unconscious from Blastoise’s attack.

            “Looks like now we’re in the same boat Red.” Blue says with a massive grin on his face. “Now why don’t we end this like back when we were kids?”

            “Yeah, I was just thinking that.” Red says with a massive grin pulling out a Poke’ball. “Now Charizard!”

Charizard pops out of the Poke’ball slamming into the ground and roaring across the area. Blastoise cries out as well as both Pokémon begin glaring at one another as they prepare for the other’s attack.

            “Hydro Pump!”

            “Dragon Claw!”

Blastoise shoots out a massive burst of water from its cannons as Charizard takes up flight into the air. It readies its claws as energy gathers around it forming a large claw. Charizard closes in as Blastoise turns its attention towards it shooting out the blast and hitting Charizard and blasting it back into the air.

            “Charizard!” Charizard crashes onto the ground and forces itself up, the flame on its tail growing stronger and stronger. “You’re alright; if so then let’s show them our might!”

            “Alright Red, we’ll show you our might to!” Blue says with a massive grin. “Hydro Pump!”

            “Flare Blitz!”

Charizard leaps into the air as fire gathers around its body as it charges in towards Blastoise. Blastoise gathers up water into its cannons as it suddenly freezes with sparks of electricity flowing through its body.


Charizard comes in slamming into Blastoise with a massive blow causing a large explosion. As the dust settles Charizard stands over Blastoise letting out a loud roar.

            “And that’s it; Charizard and Red are the winners!” The announcer yells out across the area.

As the crowd yells out in excitement four figures stand at the top of the stadium looking down into the arena.

            “Are you getting excited?” One of them asks another.

            “Of course, they both seem quite strong. I want to battle with both of them.”

            “Alright, you may have your chance, but we have to wait we cannot act without purpose.” The lead figure says happily.

            “The lot of you can act as childish as you want, but you better not do anything to expose us just yet.” The shortest figure says with a grin. “I can’t wait to see that old fool Sammy when we make our move.”


A while later Red and Blue stand in a large room with Samuel Oak, alongside the other two lords, sitting on the other side of a large desk. The three look at the pair as one of them strokes his beard with a large grin on his face.

            “It appears we have two candidates to become our Champion.” He says happily. “So Sir Oak, what do you think? Maybe we should have them battle again to determine which one should get the honor?”

            “Please keep our mouth shut, we cannot allow someone such as you to decide the fate of Kanto.” Sir Oak says annoyed with his comments. “How about we just let the president decide everything”

            “President?” Red and Blue asks curiously.

            “Yes due to the situation and the resurgence of young untrained Warriors, we have decided to reinstate the Pokémon League.”

            “Pokémon League?”

            “It’s an old tradition, when a Warrior reaches a certain age go across the region and take on the various Dojos across the land. It ended sometime ago when the number of Warriors started decreasing, but for now we have decided to restart it and allow the Warriors to test themselves and get stronger.”

            “That is why we need a Champion a symbol for all of the Warriors to live up to.”

            “So you want either of the two of us to take that position.” Blue looks on seriously before stomping away. “Sorry, but that battle just now told me all I needed to know about where I stand. So Red, you take the role of you want; I’m getting out of here.”


            “Don’t worry, I have to go get Sis from Johto and then I have some thinking to do.”

            “Alright.” Red says happily. “Tell Daisy I said hello.”


Blue walks off leaving the group alone as the three old men look onto Red. “So Red, what will you do?”

Red pulls out a Poke’ball looking down onto it as Charizard sits inside resting. “Alright, I will be your Champion; I will be the defender of Kanto!”


Meanwhile in Lavender Town Mr. Fuji sits around outside of his house as a number of children play around with Pokémon. As he sits around a Cubone walks over to his side pulling on his arm followed by a Gastly appearing in front of him.

            “You two, is she ready yet?”

            “Yes, I’m ready Mr. Fuji.” A voice says from behind him. “Are you sure it’s alright?”

            “Yes, the former people of Viridain City will soon be allowed to return home. I’m sure your family will be quite happy.”

He turns around to see a young girl with long hold hair and a large grin on her face. “I can’t wait to show all of you my house, I’m sure all of you will enjoy it there.”

She grins happily as a small yellow Pokémon climbs up onto her back. “Alright Yellow, let’s get you home.”

The battle between Red and Blue goes on as the Pokemon League reaches it's conclusion.

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