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Poke’Fusion Vol.1

Ch.2: A Chance of Fate


In the middle of a back alleyway away from the lights around them and surrounded by trash and waste Jude stands opposite an odd man looking down at him. The man looks down holding a switch in his hand as searchlights move rapidly across the area.

            “What are Pokémon to you?” The man asks looking down at Jude.

            “Look out!” Jude yells out rushing past the man pulling out a Poke’ball. “Denki, Thunderbolt!”

He tosses out the Poke’ball with Pikachu popping out and unleashing a blast of electricity, hitting a Mightyena at the end of the alley. Pikachu rushes back to Jude’s side as he picks it up and puts it on his shoulder.

            “What’re Pokémon to me, well if I had to say, they’re our beloved partners on this adventure called life,” Jude says with a large grin on his face.

            Pokémon are our beloved partners, that’s why we have to……, a voice, says echoing in the man’s head as he looks down at Jude. “Hey kid, why’d you do that?”

            “Well, it was just instinct, that Mightyena looked dangerous and your hurt as it is, don’t worry though it’s only stunned for a little bit, it should be up and running in a matter of minutes,” Jude says patting Pikachu’s head. “Denki here’s electricity is strong, but he knows when and where to hold back.”

            “You’re a weird kid, but I think it's best that you move on from here.”

            “Why?” Jude walks up to the man finding blood dripping down from his arm. “You’re injured so we should be getting you to a doctor.”

            “It’s none of your concern.”

            “When I see someone in trouble, whether they are People or Pokémon I’ll do whatever I can to help them.”

The man snickers looking down at Jude before trudging along. “Fine, I’ll head to a doctor will that make you feel better.”

            “Well I know a doctor that can help you out, she won’t even ask questions either.”

            “That’s the odd acquaintance you have there.”

            “Well, I help her out every so often so she owes me a few favors to, maybe you could even get treated for free.”

            “You really are an odd child.” The man says seriously.

            “Well, it looks like we’ve found you.” A figure stands at the other end of the alley looking down at Jude and the man. “And it appears you’ve got yourself a little accomplice, now I don’t care if they wandered in here or if they were in it from the start, I’m getting rid of all of you here and now!”

He snaps his fingers as a large bipedal Pokémon with a shell of stone surrounding its body and its head and limbs sticking out of the stone shell steps forward roaring out loudly. “Golem Rollout!”

The Golem retracts its limbs into its body and rolls down into the alleyway smashing anything in its way as it charges towards Jude, Pikachu, and the man. The man quickly grabs Jude holding out his hand as a grappling hook shoots out of his sleeve grabbing onto the rooftop of the nearby building.

The group are propelled upwards towards the roof as Golem comes charging in missing the pair as they reach the roof. “Alright, someone get up there and get after them. I won’t allow anyone else to get their hands on that device.”


On the roof, Jude catches his breath as he looks on the man sprawled out on the roof with a pool of blood underneath him. Jude leaps up with Pikachu rushing to his side as he moves towards the man looking down concerned.

            “Hey, are you okay? Where’d all of this blood come from?”

            “My previous injuries, I reopened them with all the running around I’ve been doing today.” The man reaches into his coat and pulls out the odd spherical device. “Kid, I want you to take this and get it out of here.”

            “Wait, what is this?” Jude asks confused.

            “That’s something you have to figure out, but if the wrong people get their hands on it and the world will suffer for it, but in the hands of someone like you then maybe….” He coughs out loudly lifting up and making his way to the ledge. “Now I’ll distract them and you make your way outta here with that.”

            “Wait what do you mean what’s going on?” Jude asks confused.

            “I don’t know if it was fate or chance, but you remind me of the idiot who helped make that thing. The poor fool, if there’s anyone who can achieve his dream then it’s someone like you kid, it’ll be a hell of a ride but if you can make it then you can save the world.”


            “Get out of here now!” He yells out causing Jude to back away. “I’ll believe in you, make sure you don’t let me down.”

Jude looks down to find the fire escape slowly walking down it as the man looks over the opposite ledge looking down as the searchlights hit him. The older man walks up underneath him looking with a slight grin.

            “Given up?”

            “No, I haven’t given up, I’ve been trying my hardest but now I’ve passed my will onto someone else.” He says pulling out the switch. “This is the most foolish thing I could possibly do, but I don’t have any other choice, I’ve gone as far as I could on my own.”

            “Well having faith in others is something that makes us human, but I wonder how far that faith will go?”

            “I don’t know either, but I’ll place my bets on it!” He presses the switch as something starts glowing in his chest.

Suddenly a large pulse shoots out of his chest causing everyone in the area to fall down to the ground. As they lift themselves up they pull out their Poke’balls trying to activate them only for them to sit around unresponsive.

            “Damn, I’ve been outplayed. Keeping an EMP device in your chest is kind of risky, but your bet paid off for now.” He says turning around to face his men. “Now I wonder how long and how far you will be able to count on that little friend will go.”

An encounter of fate and the beginning of the journey.
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