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Ch.49: Return to the Digital World pt.2


Inside of the forest Raine, Orla, and Talulla alongside Odonmon, Varanomon, and Teddymon wander around the forest searching around for any sign of Digimon that are attempting to push back the attacking Gizumon. After searching the forest for a while Talulla falls to the ground alongside Teddymon as the pair come upon a pair of tracks that go across the ground.

            “What is it?” Raine asks curiously.

            “Found some Digimon tracks, if we follow them we could find their camp or something.” Talulla leaps up with a large grin on her face. “Alright, let’s head out!”

            “Okay, since when were you the one leading us?” Orla asks annoyed.

            “Well, do you know how to navigate the forest? I’ve been living in the Digital World for what seems like years, I can find almost anyone anywhere.”

            “She’s right; let’s just let her find the Digimon,” Raine says seriously. “Anyway, Talulla, please lead the way.”

            “Alright, everyone follows me.” Talulla grins happily as she stomps head with Teddymon by her side to prevent her from stumbling.

            “Why is she walking so funny?”

            “It’s a long story, basically her body changed and she’s still getting used to it. Wait, how have you not noticed that she’s taller?”

            “I barely pay attention to each other as it is, unless they interest me like yourself.”

            “Great,” Raine says annoyed.

The trio head deeper and deeper into the forest following the tracks of Digimon. After a while, they come across a small group of Digimon surrounded by a larger Digimon as a large Gizumon starts floating towards the group.

            “Get behind me everyone.” The larger Digimon says seriously pushing the smaller Digimon back.

            “Icemon, Champion Level, Data Type,” Talulla says scanning the Digimon.

            “So what do we do?” Orla asks curiously.

            “We don’t have any other choice!” Raine yells out holding her Digivice and leaping out of the forest. “Now Odonamon, Digivolve!”

            “Right!” Odonamon yells out charging towards the Gizumon.

In a quick moment, ProtoOdonamon charges in smashing into Gizumon and sending it back as it looks towards Icemon. “Are you all alright?”

            “Yes,” Icemon says nervously. “Who, who are you? Are you with the humans?”

            “Yes, my partner and I….”

Iceman leaps back away from ProtoOdonamon glaring at it. “You’re a traitor, the humans have caused all of this mess! Trying to unleash Millenniummon, and destroying so many Digimon, interacting with the humans was the biggest mistake any Digimon could ever make!”

            “Hold on, not all humans….”

            “ProtoOdonamon, leave it alone, we didn’t come here to make any friends or change anyone’s mind,” Raine says coming out of the bushes. “All we came here to do was to fight bad guys.”

            “That’s typical of you selfish humans,” Icemon says seriously. “Now leave us alone!”

            “Yeah leave them alone.” A voice says from within the forest.

Terry walks out of the forest with a large grin on her face. “Leave those weak pathetic fools alone and play with me instead.”

            “Great another human,” Icemon says nervously.

            “Oh, I’m more than a Human.” Terry leaps into the air and holds out her device, in an instant she turns into BioThunderbirdmon and flies high into the sky. “Let me show you my might!”

            “A human that can turn into a Digimon!?” Icemon leaps away dragging the smaller Digimon behind it. “Everyone get away, get away now.”

BioThunderbirdmon cries out into the air as a pair of figures falls down from above. “What’re you waiting for, go get those fools!”

Two robotic creatures with long arms and legs composed of wires, wing-like structures on its back, three balls making up its torso, and a camera like device at the top of its body float down before charging towards Icemon.

            “Behold our Gizumon-XT units!” BioThunderbirdmon yells out excitedly. “Now what’re you fools going to do?”

            “Okay, Talulla and Orla you two go after those weird new Gizumon. Me and Odonamon got this here.”

            “Are you sure, last time we got our butts beat by those guys,” Talulla says concerned.

            “Don’t worry, I can take her this time…maybe.”

            “Your funeral, come on Teddymon.” Talulla rushes ahead leaving Raine behind. “You better not die until I get back.”

            “I double that statement,” Orla says with a grin on her face. “You better save some action for me.”

            “Fine, but hurry back,” Raine says seriously. “I honestly don’t know how long I can hold out.”

BioThunderbirdmon roars out causing a thundercloud to form overhead with lightning sparking around it. “Let me finish this, I’ll take you out and then I’ll get your stupid friends too.”

            “Raine,” ProtoOdonamon says nervously.

            “Right, Digivovle!” Raine yells out holding out her Digivice.

ProtoOdonamon flies into the air as energy gathers around it turning into Meganisomon before it charges towards the ground. It flies at a rapid pace headed towards BioThunderbirdmon as it sparks with electricity.

            “That’s it come on, come and show me your power!”


In the middle of the forest, Icemon rushes through the brush holding onto the smaller Digimon terrified as the Gizumon-XT charging towards them. The Gizumon-XT shoot out various lasers at Icemon as it continues running away. Suddenly Icemon trips falling to the ground as the Gizumon-XT float over it readying their lasers.

            “Run, get out of here! Go and live!” Icemon yells out.

Suddenly NightTeddymon comes in smashing into the Gizumon-XT and knocking it back. “Alright, you stupid ice golem, get out of here.”


Raine looks down on Icemon as it picks itself up. “Get out of here already you stupid idiot!”

            “Right!” Icemon yells out terrified.

            “That was quite nice of you,” Orla says walking up to NightTeddymon. “So what do we do now?”

            “We do what we always do, we fight.” Raine pats NightTeddymon with a grin on her face. “Let’s go NightTeddymon!”

            “Alright, let’s go Komodomon,” Orla says with a large grin.

Komodomon leaps in from above charging towards Gizumon-XT. “Come on now, let’s break open this little machine and see how it works!”

Icemon looks on from the bushes as the pair begins their battle with the Gizumon-XT. “Humans, they may seem like allies now, but they’re monsters. Monsters that’ll destroy us all.”

The battle intensifies as the situation in the Digital World gets worse.

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