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Ch.47: A Cry for Help


In the middle of the day, Talulla sits around attempting to find her balance and adjust to her new found height. She walks around the apartment as Nymmon and Tedmon look on with Tedmon following her footsteps cautiously. She moves cautiously walking around the sofa stumbling and wobbling before nearly falling over and lifting herself back up.

            “Still trying to get the hang of walking?” Raine asks walking into the room and tossing her school bag onto the sofa. “You’d think you’d understand it by now.”

            “Shut I, how’d you feel if you suddenly gained another foot!” Talulla yells out annoyed. “It’s stupid, how on earth am I supposed to get the used to this so easily? Tedmon, how’d you get used to it when you Digivolve?”

Tedmon rushes up to her side patting her hand and stomping around. “Seriously Tedmon, you always understand me.”

            “How on earth do you understand what each other are saying?” Raine asks curiously as she lands on the sofa.

            “It’s the bond between partners is something that goes beyond words.” Nymmon flies around landing on Raine’s head. “You should understand that too.”

            “I guess I get it, but it’s still a bit of a pain to not be able to exchange words.”

            “Whatever, don’t question anything about me and Tedmon, just help me up to the sofa.”

            “Alright, but you’ve gotta help me make dinner.” Raine pulls Talulla up onto the sofa with a large grin on her face. “Mom’s going to be home late so it’s best that we start cooking now.”

            “Fine, but I get to decide what’s for dinner.”

            “Fine you win.” Raine looks around noticing her Digivice sticking out of her bag. “I wonder how everything in the Digital World is going?”

            “Hopefully they got rid of those guys and we can get back to playing the game, being stuck IRL is a major pain.” Talulla shambles over towards the kitchen barely managing to walk straight. “Now let’s get onto cooking so we can eat.”

            “Alright, so what do you want?”

            “Today, let’s go with hamburgers!”


Meanwhile, in the Digital World Ian sits around staring at his tablet and swiping away as a number of Gizumon move according to his hand movements. Merry, Terry, and Yuan sit around on the sidelines watching as the Gizumon get into position as Terry leaps ahead moving towards Ian’s side.

            “How long are we going to be stuck here waiting for everything to get ready!?” She yells out annoyed. “Seriously how long does getting everything takes to get ready?”

            “Yes I do admit this is a bit excessive, we’ve already destroyed a number of them, and what on earth are they going to do to combat us?” Merry asks with a large grin on her face.

Ian smiles as he puts his tablet onto a nearby table turning to face the trio. “Listen we’re close to having a breakthrough, a large number of our forces are diverted to keep them away from us, and the ones we have here are sufficient for the remaining Digimon forces.”

            “Then why aren’t we raiding their stupid base right now!?” Terry yells out annoyed.

            “Well it’s going far too easy, we have to do something to shake things up.” He says with a large grin on his face. “Yuan, what do you think?”

            “I think we should just finish this.” Yuan turns away from the others, looking at the Gizumon floating around the area.

            “Well if Yuan has nothing to add then I would like to say that I agree.” Merry walks forward with a grin on her face. “We should do something to as you say, shake things up, but what?”

As the trio sits around Patamon flies around the area. Patamon looks nervously at the Gizumon as they float around lifeless awaiting their next command before they begin the next attack. Patamon flies through them moving towards Ian’s tent flying inside and moving towards his bed.

            “Where is it, he wouldn’t have tossed it away right?” It asks nervously as it looks around.

It flies around before noticing the Digivice sitting on Ian’s bed. Patamon grins happily charging towards it and holding it in its hands. “Alright that’s step one, now how on earth do I use this thing?”

Patamon fiddles around with the device pushing button after button before coming across a small icon. “There it is I can send out a message with this hopefully. I can save everyone with this!”


In the Real World Raine and Talulla stand around in the kitchen with Raine putting pieces of meat down into a pan, as Raine looks on from the sidelines with a large grin on her face. As the two cook, Nymmon and Tedmon sit in the living room as Tedmon messes around with the remote turning on the TV.

            “So you’re curious about what shows are on?” Nymmon asks curiously.

Tedmon flips through the various channels as Nymmon watches curiously. “How about I show you a few shows, I’ve gotten to enjoy human television myself while Raine’s at school.” Tedmon nods handing it the remote as the pair turn to face the TV.

            “Everyone listen please!” A voice yells out seemingly from nowhere.

            “What’re you two watching?” Talulla asks curiously.

            “Well, currently we are on the silent movie channel,” Nymmon says curiously. “I have become a fan of these due to their lack of words to tell stories, it’s quite fascinating.”

            “Then what was?”

            “Please any Tamer within range please gets this signal!

            “The Digivices!” Raine yells out turning off the stove and rushing towards her Digivice.

The pair grabs their Digivices and looks at them curiously. “Everyone listen, the Digital World is in danger. My name is Patamon, and the threat encompassing the Digital World was caused by my Tamer I have taken his Digivice to give a message out to all of you.

            “So this little thing is responsible?” Talulla asks curiously.

            “But the threat is only going to get worse, my Tamer plans to take his army and awaken Millenniummon, the destroyer!

            “Millenniummon?” Raine asks confused.

            “It’s a Digimon, one so strong that it can destroy worlds. It nearly destroyed our world and the Human World some time ago.” Nymmon says seriously looking at the Digivice. “If that thing comes back then it’s the end for all of us.”

            “Please come to the Digital World, please come help us! If you don’t both worlds will be destroyed and everyone will die!

            “Well looks like we’re going back,” Raine says with a stern expression on her face. “Are you coming?”


            “Good, let’s go. Let’s go save the Digital World!” Raine yells out seriously.

Everyone adjusts to daily life as the situation in the Digital World continuously gets worse and worse.

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