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Pokémon Special Conquest

RBG Arc Ch.46: The Strongest General pt.2


Inside of Giovanni’s Dojo Red stands opposite his former mentor with his Poliwrath laying on the ground barely staying conscious. Giovanni stands confidently alongside his Rhyhorn staring down at Red as he grins happily. Giovanni gives a signal and Rhyhorn charges ahead rushing towards Red.

            “Grimer!” Red tosses down his Poke’ball with Grimer popping out taking Rhyhorn’s charge and blocking the attack. “Now Mudball!”

Grimer gathers up mud in its hands into a large ball, shooting it out towards Rhyhorn. Rhyhorn barely dodges taking the attack, but showing no signs of damage. It takes a position glaring at Grimer as it readies its next attack.

            “Go Rhyhorn, Bulldoze!” Rhyhorn charges in at an intense speed breaking up parts of the floor with its speed and power.

            “Grimer, dodge it!” Grimer attempts to slither out of the way only to take Rhyhorn’s attack full force, flying back and crashing into the wall falling into a pile of mush. “Grimer!”

Suddenly Grimer’s body begins to glow with a bright light. Its mass becomes larger as more ooze seems to come out of its body; all at once it lifts up revealing a larger mouth and a larger pair of hands.

            “So it evolved into Muk, quite advantageous. But that will not save you, Rhyhorn Take Down!”

            “Muk…” Red looks towards Muk as it gives him a sly grin. “Do whatever you have on your mind.”

Muk cries out loudly gathering a large ball of purple energy in its hands. It shoots out the ball as Rhyhorn comes closer hitting it point blank before it takes Rhyhorn’s attack with both Pokémon falling over unconscious.

            “Gunk Shot, a mighty powerful move. Red you should be proud of your Pokémon.”

            “You said you don’t want a war with Johto so what exactly do you want?” Red asks cautiously as he readies another Poke’ball.

            “I want what everyone else wants, a peaceful world where everyone can be happy.”

            “What!?” Red yells out confused.

            “Yes, that is my ultimate goal no matter what.”

            “Then why cause all this chaos? Why destroy Pallet Town? Everyone was much happier back then and….”

            “Not everyone Red, think onto your journey what was a common issue that the Generals and others had?” Giovanni gives Red a stern look as he pulls out a Poke’ball. “Erasing that, that has been my true goal, and erasing it will give true peace and happiness to all.”

A large Nidoqueen pops out of Giovanni’s Poke’ball as it towers over Red roaring out loudly. Red tosses out his ball with Pikachu popping out and glaring up at the Nidoqueen.

            “Oh, do you have a plan here Red? Because if you’re trying to make yourself lose then it’s defiantly working.”

            “No way, I can’t ever give up and I can’t ever forgive you!” Red yells out as he glares up at Nidoqueen. “Pikachu, Thunderbolt.”

Pikachu unleashes a blast of electricity at Nidoqueen who shrugs off the attack and glares down at Pikachu. Nidoqueen moves around trying to stomp on Pikachu as it moves around continuing to shoot electricity out at it.

            “Red, I’d hoped you wouldn’t be….” Giovanni looks on past Red as a figure begins moving. “Nidoqueen, Dodge!”

Suddenly a blast of water comes out hitting Nidoqueen and knocking it back into the opposite wall. Looking towards the source Red’s Poliwhirl stands around holding out its hand and breathing heavily from its damage from the previous battle.

            “You tricked me.”

            “Yeah, just to make sure I got it,” Red says seriously looking towards Giovanni. “Weren’t you the one who told me to never underestimate misdirection?”

            “So it seems that my lessons did take heart, but you should pay closer attention yourself.” Suddenly a Dugtrio pops out of the floor hitting Poliwrath and knocking it out before quickly retreating. It quickly emerges from under Pikachu knocking it into the air with its body bouncing against the ceiling.

            “Pikachu, Brick Break!” Pikachu twists its body in the air readying its tail as it comes down to the ground.

            “Dugtrio, Tri Attack.”

Dugtrio gathers energy around itself shooting it up into the air out at Pikachu. Pikachu slams down on the energy with its tail causing a large explosion and creating a smokescreen, but Pikachu comes out of the smokescreen hitting Dugtrio with its tail. Both Pokémon fall over unconscious as they’re quickly returned to their Poke’balls.

            “Quite impressive Red, that Pikachu was so unruly before but now you’ve got it trained quite well.”

            “Stop acting like this is some friendly sparring session.” Red holds up a Poke’ball with Charizard popping out and standing next to Red. “I’m here to wipe out the Rocket Kingdom and all of its members especially you!”

            “That I cannot allow, because if I the leader of the Rocket Kingdom were to face prison, my plans would disappear.”

            “What plans!? You claim you don’t want to war with Johto and you claim to want to make a peaceful world! What exactly is this plan of yours!?”

            “To become, the very symbol of hatred and lightning rod so to speak,” Giovanni says seriously. “I gathered forces, and amassed power all for an ideal an ideal that I want to pass onto you Red.”

            “What ideal?”

            “You’ve seen it, the fates of Warriors in this age of peace?”

Red thinks, the thoughts of the other Generals, and the Pokémon in the Safari Zone. “I have, but there is no place in this peaceful world for Warriors so it’s to be expected.”

            “Yes but why? Why should the world shun the weapons that it itself created to defend it? Does having power make you think of what that power will be used for?” Giovanni grips are fist and stares at Red. “During the war Millions gave their lives, and when the thousands that survived returned home to find themselves being shunned and loathed by the citizens they risked their lives to save.”

            “Yes, but that is to be expected. It sucks, but there’s no other way.”

            “Yes but people are quick to forget who helped them and who saved them during peace, they saw the Warriors as War Mongers and so ostracized them alongside Pokémon causing more issues.” Giovanni holds out his Poke’ball with a Nidoking popping out. “Nidoking, Poison Jab.”

Nidoking charges in towards Charizard punching at it repeatedly. Charizard flies back unable to avoid the attack as it falls over from the damage from the attack.

            “Then why do all of this, why start another war if….”

            “To give Warriors and Pokémon a place again, but war is not the objective.” Giovanni walks towards Red holding out his hand. “My goal is to become force enough so that no nation in this world can ignore to become the terror to world peace that prevents people from abandoning their weapons and warriors.” Giovanni stands directly over Red looking down at him with cold eyes. “What I needed to finish this was one more thing, I needed you.”


            “You went across this land, attempting to restore the faith of the Generals and assisting whoever asked for your aid alongside your Pokémon. You showed off your strength and faith in your partners, and spread that feeling around.”

            “So you want to make me another symbol?”

            “Yes, I will become the symbol to represent the evils the one the world would hate, and you will become the symbol of hope giving everyone faith in Pokémon again and create a space for Pokémon and Warriors.”

            “I will never, I will never go along with your plans!”

            “But you already have, after this battle everything will become known. I will become known as the King of the Rocket Kingdom and you will become known as the savior who thwarted our plans.”

            “Damn it.” Red forces himself up off of the ground as Charizard begins to follow suit. “I will never, we will never! We will never work for you or go along with our plans!’

            “Then come Red, come and show your power!”

An orb in Red’s pocket begins to glow brightly as Charizard begins to glow. “What is this?” Giovanni asks confused.

Charizard’s body glows brightly as its skin turns black and it’s underbelly turns blue, a pair of horns extends from its shoulders, as its claws become larger and its flames turn blue. This odd Charizard roars out shaking the area around it as Red looks on before turning his attention towards Giovanni.

            “This is….”

            “Charizard Flare Blitz!”

            “Nidoking, Dragon Tail!”

Charizard charges in turning into an intense ball of flames as Nidoking readies an attack. Charizard charges through Nidoking knocking it out and causing a massive explosion that creates a thick smoke across the entire room. Red falls unconscious from all of this and falls to the ground with Charizard reverting to its previous form.


            “Hey, are you okay?” A voice says reaching down to Red.

Red opens his eyes to find a cop holding him up as a number of them start looking around the room. “What? What’s going on?”

            “We’ve come to arrest the leader of the terrorist group, the Rocket Kingdom.”

The cops had gone across the entire town arresting any member of the Rocket Kingdom they could find. However Giovanni was nowhere in sight and any trace of him was seemingly erased, and the illustrious King of the Rocket Kingdom disappeared without a trace.

Pokémon Special Conquest

RBG Arc Ch.45: The Strongest General


Following the cries of a mysterious voice, Red flies quickly through the skies of Kanto on the back of his Charizard. The pair land in a familiar land, just outside of Viridian Forest, Route 2 where their journey began.

            "It still looks the same doesn't it Charizard?" Red says rubbing his partner's back. "But even if it looks the same, the feeling in the air is odd; it's very different than it was when we left."

Red walks into town only to find the city seemingly abandoned with no trace of anyone having been entered the town in some time. As he looks around a figure moves out of the corner of his eye with Red chasing it towards the back of town with Charizard following close behind.

            "Wait, who are you?" The figure leads Red to the largest building in town a large tower reaching high into the sky. "The Viridian Dojo? Giovanni's home, he has to be here."

He opens up the door to with an empty long and dark hallway greeting him as he walks inside alongside Charizard. Charizard's flames illuminate the darkness revealing etchings into the walls of the hallway leading Red deeper into the darkness until coming upon a large wall with a stylized red 'R' in the center of the wall.

            "That R, the Rocket Kingdom!? Does Giovanni have some connection to them..." Red stares at it for a moment as a number of thoughts fly through his head. "It can't be, is Giovanni the King?"


Red travels deeper into the Dojo, going higher and higher as Charizard follows closely behind him. The halls and rooms sit eerily empty as Red walks through as a pair of figures appears out of the corner of his eye. Suddenly a large Arbok and Weezing appear seemingly out of nowhere.

            “Charizard, Flamethrower!” Charizard unleashes a blast of heat out at the two with Weezing forcing itself through the flames and charging towards Charizard. “Dig!”

Pikachu erupts from the ground bashing into Weezing and knocking it into the ceiling and knocking it out as it falls to the ground. Two masked figures in ninja uniforms emerge from the shadows as Red looks on stepping towards them.

            “Aunty, Uncle, that’s you isn’t it.” Red looks coldly onto the pair as the remove their masks revealing themselves. “I figured it would be you two.”

            “Red.” His Aunt looks on with sadness in her eyes before steeling herself and looking at Red. “So you’ve figured it out.”

            “For the most part,” Red says shyly. “You're not my real Aunt or Uncle; you're both members of the Rocket Kingdom.”

            “Correct, our King ordered us to watch over you and to make sure you grow correctly.” He says seriously staring at Red. “We watched over you for those six years out of our loyalty to our King.”

Red turns his back on the pair and step ahead. “So this King is beyond here, isn’t he?”

            “Yes.” She says seriously with tears in her eyes. “But Red, even though we started out just doing it on our orders, we have come to love you like an actual family.”

            “Yes, no matter what we are proud of how you’ve grown these past few years.”

Red holds back the tears coming to his eyes and rushes ahead towards the higher floors of the tower. The pair remains behind looking at him curiously as they hold back the emotions coming over them and the thoughts of their loyalty.


Red climbs to the top of the tower to a large simple room with a tatami floor and sliding doors in the back of the room. In the middle of the room, a figure sits around surrounded by a series of Poke’balls as he meditates.

            “Hello Red, it’s been quite a while since you’ve left here. It’s almost been a year hasn’t it?”

            “Yes.” Red sits on the floor staring at Giovanni. “I’ve seen so much since I’ve left here, I’ve met so many people and Pokémon on my journey and I’ve also learned about everything.”

            “What have you learned?”

            “That you are the King of the Rocket Kingdom!” Red leaps up glaring at Giovanni. “You were the one who attacked Pallet Town and killed my father!”

            “Yes, but that was not intentional.”


            “I had at first attempted peaceful means, but no one would respond. So I had to tame a more forceful approach. Even then I had no intention of killing your father, but he refused to stand down and forced my hand.”

            “You’re a monster!”

            “I may be, I have done a number of evil things in pursuit of my ambitions, but I do not regret anything?”

            “What!? You want a war with Johto that bad!?”

Giovanni laughs out loudly confusing Red. “A war, yes I can imagine why you’d believe that I’d want that, but that’s not what I want.”


Giovanni grabs one of his Poke’balls and tosses it out with a large Rhydon popping out and roaring loudly. “Come on Red, show me, and show me how much you’ve grown in our time apart.”

            “A battle, fine I’ll give you a battle!” Red tosses out a Poke’ball with his Poliwrath popping out. “Go Hydro Pump.”


Poliwrath shoots out a large torrent of water as Rhyhorn shoots electricity out of its horn. The attacks collide canceling each other out as Rhyhron charges in towards Poliwrath.

            “Megahorn,” Giovanni says coldly.

Rhyhron hits Poliwrath in the middle of its chest forcing it back into the wall behind Red. Red looks back to find Poliwhirl attempting to stand up as Red grabs his Poke’ball and returns it inside.

            “It seems you haven’t lacked for training, your Pokémon are quite well trained.” Giovanni grins at Red as Rhyhorn returns to his side. “I could tell just from that reaction that Poliwrath loves you, and I can imagine all of your Pokémon do.”

            “Of course they do.” Red glares at Giovanni as he reaches for a Poke’ball. “My Pokémon is my friends and family, I cannot stand for anyone to misuse Pokémon like you!”

            “Good Red, good! Now come at me, unleash all of your power show me what you can do!” Giovanni yells out excitedly as Rhyhorn charges ahead.

Pokémon Special Conquest

RBG Arc Ch.44: Wrath of the Legendary Birds pt.2


In the skies of Saffron City, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres fly around the city attacking everything in sight in a rage. The three birds wreck havoc on the city freezing, burning, and shooting buildings with electricity, the civilians flee panicking as they run away from the attack of the birds. In the middle of the midst of the sky, Red rides in Aerodactyl's claws charging towards Articuno at its fastest speed.

As they travel Red looks down at the damaged caused by Articuno's attacks, passing frozen city streets and buildings as he clenches his teeth. "Damn it, I should've been able to prevent this. I should've tried to free the birds first."

Articuno quickly turns around as Aerodactyl gets closer letting out a loud cry. It shoots out an intense blast of ice out at Aerodactyl as the area around it grows colder and colder. Aerodactyl dodges the attack going higher into the air as Red tries raising his lower body to avoid the attack.

            "Damn it, that thing, just being this close to it I can feel the Pressure that it gives off." Red glares at Articuno holding out his hand towards it. "Maybe, if I can connect with it then maybe I can end this without a fight."

Red tries connecting with Articuno as it flies around him with Aerodactyl chases behind it. As Red tries the feeling of cold air goes over Red's body as Articuno focuses its attention towards Red letting out an enraged cry. The cry breaks Red's concentration as Articuno flies down towards him before Aerodactyl charges in headbutting Articuno and knocking it away.

            "What was that?" Red asks confused. "I felt something, but it felt so different from every other Pokémon I've attempted to connect with."

Articuno cries out again letting out a large wave of cold out into the surrounding area. "Charizard, Flamethrower!"

Red tosses out his Poke'ball with Charizard popping out and shooting out a blast of flames only for the wave of cold to freeze it's flames instantly. "It's so cold that it freezes fire!?"


Elsewhere in the city, Lady Ninja rides on the back of her Doduo chasing down Zapdos as it flies high in the air. Zapdos cries out unleashing a large wave of electricity around itself that hits the various buildings around it knocking out the power as they quickly go dark.

            "This thing is dangerous, I have to avoid taking a head on attack." She glares up at Zapdos as Doduo increases its pace. "Agility!"

Doduo races ahead charging past Zapdos as Lady Ninja tosses out two Poke'balls into the air. "Voltorb, Discharge. Vulpix, Energy Ball."

A Vulpix and Voltorb pop out of the balls with Vulpix shooting out a blast of green energy out at Zapdos as Voltorb shoots out a blast of electricity. Both attacks hit Zapdos, however, it ignores the attacks and only glares down at the two Pokémon and Lady Ninja.

            "Oh great I have your attention, that can't be good."

Zapdos charges in lowering itself towards the ground and shooting out blasts of electricity. "Yup, defiantly not good. Damn it, how do you trick a giant bird?!"


Elsewhere Blue rides on his Arcanine's back still dealing with his injuries from battling Koga. He grips onto Arcanine's fur as they chase after Moltres as the area around them increases in temperature as the temperature around them increases the further they go along with several buildings on fire. High atop one building Moltres glares down as Blue approaches it jumping off of Arcanine's back.

            "Damn it, I'm in no condition to actually fight, but I don't have much choice!" Blue tosses out a Poke'ball with his Rhydon popping out. "Stone Edge!"

Rhydon stomps on the ground causing sharpened stones to extend from the ground and blast towards Moltres. The attacks hit Moltres and force it back angering it as it cries out in rage charging down towards Blue as it shoots out a blast of flames.

Blue leaps back, returning Rhydon to its Poke'ball, grabbing onto Arcanine and charging ahead with Moltres chasing after him. Moltres lets out another blast of fire before a figure rushes in overhead and grabs a hold of Blue lifting him into the air.

            "Are you okay?" Red asks looking down from on top of Charizard's back as he clings onto Blue. "If you're not we can take a stop for a moment."

            "I'm fine, what're you doing?"

            "I came up with a plan but it'll take the three of us."

            "Three of us?"

            "Yeah we need Lady Ninja for this."

            "Well, it's a good thing she's close." Blue points to a nearby rooftop where Lady Ninja stands around waving down the pair.


The trio stands at the top of a tall building as the three birds continue their onslaught on the city. They watch on with Blue and Lady Ninja  look on dejected Red steps forward in front of the two and holds out his hands.

            "We can't beat them in a head on fight with our current level." Red looks on seriously as he draws Blue's and Lady Ninja's attention. "But there is another way, we can connect with them."

            "What!? That's a completely idiotic plan if we can't beat them we should focus on evacuation and distract them from attacking civilians." Blue says seriously.

            "I have to agree with Blue, trying to connect with such a Pokémon...."

            "I know it seems impossible, but we have to try. We don't have to tame them, we just have to convince them that the fighting is over and that they can go home without anyone hurting them again." Red holds out his hands bowing to the pair. "Please, please help me. This is our only hope!"

Lady Ninja quickly grabs Red's hand and stares into his eyes. "I'll work with you if there's any form of hope that this will work I'll work to achieve it."

Blue grabs Red's other hand as he looks away. "This is foolish, but if it'll satisfy your curiosity then I can go along."

            "Thank you!" Red says seriously.

The trio stand around in a circle holding hands with one another as each of them look into the distance at either Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres. The three birds continue their rampage as they close their eyes and concentrate on their respective bird. A feeling of cold, heat, and intense pain quickly come across them as they focus, attempting to feel past the pain.

            "This really hurts!" Lady Ninja yells out in pain.

            "Just focus, I felt this when I tried to do it with Articuno. The Pressure these things give off is intense it can even affect someone's Aura. But if we can get past this wave then we could connect with them if even for a moment."

They open their eyes with the trio of birds surrounding them glaring down as the three look on nervously. Lady Ninja almost loses her grip as Blue tightens his grip on her hand.

            "Don't let go, if you do then they're going to attack the three of us," Blue says seriously.

            "Okay, then what're we supposed to do? What do we tell them?" She asks confused.

            "We just have to tell them it's safe, that they can go home." Red loosens his grip and slips his hands out as he walks over towards Articuno. "And that for all of humanity, we're sorry, sorry that they had to suffer like they did."

The three birds look on seriously, the anger in their eyes waning as they fly off into the distance. Moltres melts Articuno's ice, as Articuno puts out the fires, with Zapdos restoring the power to the city. The three leave the city as the sun starts to rise in the distance with the trio falling down onto the roof of the building exhausted.

            "Damn it, let's never do that again." Lady Ninja says exhausted as she breathes heavily on the ground. "If we ever have to deal with giant birds again I'm leaving it to you two."

            "Wimp," Blue says tauntingly.

            "Just shut up."

Red forces himself up moving over to the edge of the building to watch Articuno as it flies into the distance. Tired from all the fighting he slips from the edge and begins falling with Blue and Lady Ninja rushing to where he stood. He tosses out a Poke'ball with Snorlax popping out, landing on its stomach to use as a landing cushion.

            "You grow more impressive by the day." A voice says coming from the shadows. "It's been quite the pleasure watching you grow all these years."


            "Do you wonder who the King of the Rocket Kingdom? If you seek that answer come to  Viridian City and face me in a battle of wills."

            "No, you are...."

            "Come Red, it's time for you to complete your journey with one final battle." A voice says before a figure appears from the outside of an alleyway before disappearing into the darkness.

            "Giovanni?" Red asks confused.

Ch.46: The Path Ahead


In the middle of the Digital World, Ian and his group march along keeping a large army of Gizumon around them. A number of stray Digimon leap out of the surrounding forest glaring at Ian and his group. Seeing the group Merry lifts up her hand giving a signal to the Gizumon who charge in towards the Digimon destroying the small group as the army continues to march ahead, the Digimon remaining in the forest trembling in fear of the group as they pass. Ian grins happily as they pass as Patamon flies by his side casting a sorrowful gaze at the group as they turn scornfully towards him.


In the Human world, Talulla sits around in the living room, fresh clothes as Raine and Jager sit around her. Raine’s mother walks up to the group from the kitchen placing three large plates of pasta in front of each of them before sitting down herself at a nearby table.

            “You three look so exhausted, I figured all of you could use something to eat.” She says with a large grin on her face. “And you look much better Talulla.”

            “Thank you,” Talulla says staring at the plate nervously.

            “Hey is that going to be enough for you?” Raine asks curiously. “I mean you eat like all the time, maybe we should…”

In an instant Talulla dives into her plate quickly devouring the plate as everyone watches on. As she reaches the last strand of pasta she drops her fork and looks on in amazement.

            “Hey, I knew my cooking as good, but your acting like….”

            “That’s not it.” She says stunned. “It is good, probably some of the best food I’ve ever had. But that’s not it, I’m full, I can’t eat anymore.”

            “What!?” Jager and Raine yell out confused.

            “That’s not possible, I’ve seen you eat an entire full course meal before, how can one plate of pasta fill you up!?” Raine yells out confused.

            “I don’t know, I’ve always been hungry so I’d eat all the time, but that never did anything for me.” She rubs her stomach confused about the feeling. “I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s not an unpleasant feeling.”

            “It’s because she was in the Digital World.” The furry ball on the floor next to Jager says seriously. “Because she was in the Digital World her body didn’t age, it was kept in the same state it was in when she Logged In.”

            “I get it Caninimon because she Logged In hungry she stayed hungry no matter how much she ate. But now that she’s out and is actually eating something then she’s able to eat and get full from it.”

            “Exactly, when a human travels to the Digital World using the standard method their actual body is digitized into a pseudo-digital life form, whatever state their body was in when they entered remains.” Caninimon says seriously.

            “Well whatever, I’m just happy that I’m full,” Talulla says rubbing her stomach. “Now I just need a nap.”

            “That’s right even if it’s the weekend, all good boys and girls should be in bed soon.” Raine’s mother says seriously. “That includes the Digimon too, you need your rest of your going to keep fighting.”

            “She’s right I should be headed home,” Jager says seriously.

            “No, it’s too late and the trains should be stopping soon, you can just sit around here tonight and go home tomorrow.” Raine’s mother says seriously. “But makes sure to call your parents and let them know where you are”

            “Yes maim,” Jager says nervously.

            “Raine and Talulla, you two will be in Raine’s room and Jager you can rest on the couch, the Digimon can sleep where ever they like. But Jager, if you think about entering the girl’s room tonight, I will give you a severe punishment, understand?”

            “Yes main.” He says increasingly nervous.

Hours pass and everyone head out to bed with Jager falling asleep on the sofa.


In the dead of the night, Raine sneaks out of her room walking into the living room. She shakes Jager waking him up as Nymmon flies around landing on her head. Jager looks up at her annoyed before lifting up as she sits on the sofa alongside him.

            “Can’t sleep so well?” Jager asks curiously.

            “Yeah, I just keep thinking about the Digimon and the Digital World,” Raine says seriously. “I’ve been thinking a lot about it ever since we came back, I can’t get it out of my head.”

            “I understand, I don’t want to leave the Digital World, I want to go back and beat those guys back.” Jager looks on towards the sleeping Caninimon. “I want to save my friend’s world and protect everyone.”

            “That’s a good feeling, but don’t do anything that would risk your life,” Nymmon says seriously flying into Raine’s lap. “Caninimon would never forgive himself if you got hurt doing something for him.”

            “So what can we do?” Raine asks curiously looking towards Nymmon.

            “We can’t do anything; the only thing we can do is just sit around for now and wait,” Nymmon says seriously flying into the air. “We can just wait for now and wait until the time we are needed has come.”

            “When will that be?” Raine asks curiously.

            “I have no idea, but have a feeling that we will know when the time will come, but for now we need to rest and gather our strength.”

            “Right. Raine says nervously. “I really hate waiting.”

            “So do I,” Nymmon says with a large grin. “That’s what makes us great partners.”


In the Digital World Ian and his group walk through the forest coming across a large clearing in the middle of the woods. In the middle of the clearing, a large tree taller than anything else around it sits stretching high into the sky with streams of data flowing around its branches. Ian looks on to find an opening in the trunk of the tree and grins excitedly as he leaps head.

            “There it is, that’s where the final boss sleeps.” He says excitedly. “Now let’s go…”

Suddenly a large group of Digimon leap out of the woods blocking the path ahead as Ian looks on dejected. “Fine if we have to do this the hard way.”

Merry, Terry, and Yuan step forward pulling out their devices as a number of Gizumon charge ahead. The two groups start clashing as Ian looks on with a grin and Patamon looks on dejected watching Digimon after Digimon fall.

            I can’t allow this to continue, for his own good and for the good of us all I have to stop him. Patamon thinks to itself. I will stop him and protect my world!

Digimon R2 Ch.46
With no idea what to do, everyone sits around trying to think of a plan, while the Gizumon army reaches their next target.

Ch.45: A Return to Normalcy


Inside of a large living room inside of an apartment in a tall building, Raine sits around on her couch sitting next to an older looking Talulla, who covers herself with rags as Jager sits on the floor looking on curiously. Next to them Nymmon sits around on the edge of the coffee table looking on curiously as a small stuffed bear sits nearby staring at Talulla and a small ball of fur sits around on the floor with Jager.

            “So…..” Raine says trying to break the silence. “How’re you doing?”

            “As fine as I can be, just give me a minute to adjust to this body. It sucks I was used to being short and compact, but now I’m stupidly tall.”

            “I wouldn’t say tall, you're about the average height for a girl you’re supposed age.” Jager looks on nervously. “What I’m more worried about is your appearance, why’re you dressed like that?”

            “I ran away from my orphanage.” She says matter of factly. “The place was over crowded and they didn’t have enough food to give to everyone so I did everyone a favor and left. After that, Teddymon found me and took me into the AR.”

            “So you’ve lived there for how long?” Raine asks curiously.

            “Don’t know, time in the Digital World goes by faster than in the Human World and on top of that the concept of age doesn’t exist so I didn’t age a day in there. And Teddymon got me clothes, and fed me, and everything.”

The stuffed bear stands on the table before leaping into Talulla’s arms. “Tedmon, so you get smaller when you come into the Human World.”

            “Well, you’re good to stay here for a while... After we ask my mom about it.” Raine says nervously. “I’d really rather not put you on the streets.”

            “Yes, I’m sure no one would like that.” A voice says from outside.

Raine’s mom enters the room looking onto the group and the Digimon sitting around. She sighs walking up to Talulla and eyes her up. “Get up.”


            “Go take a shower; I’m sure some of Raine’s old clothes will fit you. But you need to go take a shower, I don’t know if you sweat in the AR or whatever but you have a smell and I don’t want you to stink up m apartment.”

            “Okay.” She says nervously. “Could I have some food afterward, I’m hungry.”

            “Of course, but take a shower first.” She says with a large grin on her face. “And I’ll get some clothes for you too, so don’t worry about anything. Just think of this place as your home from now on until you’re ready to leave.”

Talulla blushes slightly and bows her head slightly. “Thank you.” She says shyly.


Meanwhile inside of the Digital World Ian sits around inside of what remains of the AR as Marry, Terry, and Yuan sit around. Patamon flies around looking at all of the chaos around the area before landing on the table in front of Ian.

            “Ian, isn’t this enough?” Patamon asks curiously. “All of the remaining Digimon have gone into hiding and there are only a few remaining Tamers left, so is this enough?”

            “Possibly.” Ian pulls out his tablet typing away on the screen. “Yes, there are enough gone, I’ve found it.”

            “Okay, what are we looking for anyway?” Terry asks curiously leaping ahead. “Come on, you haven’t told me what we’re doing so come on speak up!”

            “Now now, calm down. Just because you don’t know the plan doesn’t mean you can stop following orders, you’ll have what you want in the end more and more fighting.”

            “That’s good and all, but I still want to know our end goals.”

            “Are you sure you want to now?” Ian asks teasingly.

            “Yes!” Terry yells out excitedly.

            “Fine, we’re going to beat this game.”

            “Huh? That’s all we’re doing?”

            “Yes.” Ian looks at the trio with a large grin on his face. “This game has no real ending by design, but there is an actual way to beat it. If you take over the world and unleash the final boss.”

            “Unleash the final boss?” Terry and Yuan ask curiously.

            “Those guys who I told you three to be careful of did it; they beat this game and beat the final boss, the ultimate opponent.” Ian stands up and holds out his tablet showing off an image. “Millenniummon, the ultimate destroyer and this game’s final boss.”

            “So we’re going to unleash this thing and then kick its ass?” Terry asks curiously.

            “Exactly, this world will be covered in darkness and the Human World will tremble and in the end, we will rise up and take the stage. We will become the new heroes.”

            “That sounds awesome!” Terry leaps up excitedly gripping her fist. “This is going to be awesome.”

            “Yes, but we have to be careful we’re running out of Gizumon,” Merry says seriously. “This latest attack and having to face off against those guys isn’t helping our numbers.”

Ian grins happily as he takes back his tablet tapping away on the screen. “Don’t worry, we will have more coming and soon. The new models are ready, the Gizumon-XT will be unleashed and no one will be able to stand in our way.”

Marry and Terry look on excitedly as Yuan looks away nervously and Patamon glares at the group. I’m sorry everyone, this is my fault if I were stronger then I could’ve prevented this, I chose him to be my partner and he turned out like this. It’s all my fault.

Ian grins happily as he starts walking off. “Let’s go we’ve found it, the place where the Demon King was sealed away.”

            “Oh, that was quick,” Terry says excitedly.

            “Yes, the Digivices of those Tamers gave off interference that prevented my scans from finding its unique energy signature.” Ian grins happily as he starts typing away on his tablet. “I’ve got to hurry up with the programming on the new Gizumon because it’s almost time for End Game.”

For those of you waiting the wait is over Labyrinthine, Zodiac Wars, Fairy Fencer, and Extra Hero are back with their new volumes. On top of that Pokemon: Gijinka Knights and MLP: Harmonics are returning with new tales and finally a new work is being added to the Mini Series Fire Emblem Fates: Wrath of the Dual Dragons that's right a new Fanfiction work to add to the list so for those of you confused Pokemon Special Conquest, Digimon R2, Void Vol.2, Labyrinthine Vol.5, Zodiac Wars Vol.5, Fairy Fencer Vol.2, and Extra Hero Vol.2 are works that'll be updated weekly while Persona Survivor, Pokemon Gijinka Knights, MLP: Harmonics and Fire Emblem Fates: Wrath of the Dual Dragons are works that'll be updated once every other week. So with all that said I hope you all find something enjoyable here in this lot.


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