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Pokémon Special Conquest

RBG Arc Ch.31: The Seafoam Islands pt.2


On the Seafoam Islands Articuno begins emerging from underground flapping it's wings wildly creating a rapidly growing snowstorm as it begins flying off. On the shore of the opposite island Blane and Baoba look on in amazement as Blane sends Red off towards his hidden lab.

            "So what're we going to do?" Baoba asks concerned.

            "We have to prevent Articuno from flying off, once it does the Rocket Kingdom will make their move and snatch it away, we have to prevent that."

            "If you say so." Baoba looks on nervously pulling out a Poke'ball. "It's a good thing I got this from the kid, but I'm new at this whole Pokémon thing."

            "Don't worry, just try not to die."

            "Well, hopefully, that won't be too hard to do."


Meanwhile, on another part of the Island Red rides on Blaine's Rapidash towards Blaine's hidden lab. Rapidash stops in front of a large boulder rubbing its head against the rock before pressing a hidden switch as the boulder moves and it trouts further inside.

            "Well, he did say it was a hidden lab," Red says looking around cautiously.

Looking around the rocks and boulders begins giving way to more metal and machinery as they delve further and further inside. Rapidash stops just outside of a large room filled with a number of machines and books scattered across the area.

            "So where is the restoration machine?" Red looks around finding a small machine with eight holes on top of it placing Blaine's Poke'balls into two of the slots as the machine turns on. "Now all I have to do is wait here."

As he stands around a large monitor behind him turns on showing Blaine and Baoba attempt to fight against Articuno as it shoots out blasts of ice out at the duo. In the shadows, several figures start emerging glaring up at Articuno as it begins to fly into the air.

            "No the Rocket Kingdom, that's right they're out to snatch it up. I can't, no I won't let them! But none of my Pokémon can take flight in the air, how can I help them?"

Red looks around finding a large pedestal inside of a machine. "Restoration Machine, place a Pokémon fossil inside and watch the past come to life," Red says reading the side of the machine.

            "Pokémon fossil?" Red rummages through his bag pulling out the Old Amber and placing it inside. "This is a long shot, with extremely low odds. But it's the only thing I can do right now to help."

The machine closes as needles begin pocking into the Old Amber penetrating it and reaching the core. After a moment a creature begins forming inside of the machine, a reptilian Pokémon with large leathery wings a large mouth with sharp teeth and a long tail begins stirring inside as it begins breathing.

            "Aerodactyl, the Fossil Pokémon; A vicious Pokémon from the ancient past it ruled over the ancient skies, it's saw like teeth allow it to bite through almost anything." Red's Poke'dex says scanning the Pokémon.

            "Okay now, I really hope this works." Red holds out his hand concentrating on the Aerodactyl as it begins to open its eyes before breaking out of the machine roaring out loudly. "This was a really stupid plan!"


Outside Blaine and Baoba lay on the ground exhausted as Articuno begins taking flight and goes into the air. "No, we can't let it get away."

            "I've got it!" A voice yells out from above.

Looking up Red flies in Aerodactyl's claws charging in from above at Articuno as Aerodactyl roars out loudly. "Okay now, Iron Head!"

Aerodactyl comes in slamming its head into Articuno bringing it back down to the ground. It lands dropping Red as it begins roaring out at Articuno before charging in for another attack.

            "Kid!" Baoba yells out excitedly. "What is that thing?"

            "It's an Aerodactyl an ancient Pokémon, I'm surprised you had such a rare item on your person," Blaine says seriously. "Now Red, keep Articuno contained and try to return it to its cave!"

            "Right." Red tosses out two more Poke'balls with Charmeleon and Gloom popping out and looking up at Articuno. "Okay everyone, now help out our new friend. Charmeleon Flamethrower, Gloom Dazzling Gleam!"

Aerodactyl flies up into the air slamming down towards Articuno pushing it back towards the hole it climbed out of. As it's pushed back Charmeleon leaps in shooting a blast of flame bringing it into the mouth of the cavern as Gloom rushes in shooting off an intense blast of light knocking Articuno over into the hole.

            "Tauros, close the hole!" Baoba yells out excitedly.

Tauros slams into the side of the mountain causing rocks to slide down closing up the hole. As the hole closes and any trace of Articuno disappears everyone takes a sigh of relief as Red looks back towards Aerodactyl as it stares off at him.

            "I can't believe I managed to bond with an ancient Pokémon."

            "If you were carrying its fossil around, then it would naturally become acclimated towards you, in theory at least," Blaine says seriously looking at Aerodactyl. "It seems like quite a powerful Pokémon, I wish you luck in raising it."

            "Thanks," Red says begrudgingly. "So what now?"

            "I'm headed back to Cinnabar Island, there are some things there I have to take care of. After that, I'll begin investigating another lead on the Rocket Kingdom's goals."

            "You really are out to stop them?"

            "Yes." Blaine looks into sky holding a Poke'ball in his hand. "During the war, I fought on the front line along with my Pokémon and my men. We fought hard and managed to help defend Kanto, but when the war was over no one wanted anything to do with us casting us to the side out of their minds."

            "Harsh," Baoba says nodding his head.

            "I had lost my war, seeing my men and my Pokémon die in battle only to be displaced further upon my return home, it was too much for me to bare. That's when He appeared, told me of his plans and like a fool I ate them up and followed along with his every whim until I saw the truth and swore to stop them."

Red looks on seriously walking up to Blaine and holding out his hand. "Blaine please, join my efforts in stopping the Rocket Kingdom."

            "Of course, you didn't even have to ask," Blaine says happily.

Pokémon Special Conquest

RBG Arc Ch.30: The Seafoam Islands


In the middle of the waters of Route 20, Red sits on the deck of a small boat looking into the distance as it trudges on ahead with the engines ringing in his ears. Baoba sits in the captain's chair directing the ship along on its journey.

            "Okay Red, we're almost to the Seafoam Islands."

            "Seafoam Islands?"

            "They're a pair of islands that sit in the middle of Route 20, think of them as a halfway marker when you're headed to Cinnabar Island." Baoba points into the distance at a figure in the distance. "Look, there they are!"

In the distance, a large pair of islands sits next to each other each with a pair of small mountains sitting on both of the islands. "So those are the Seafoam Islands."

            "Yup, they say that a Legendary Pokémon lives deep inside of the underground tunnels."

            "A Legendary Pokémon!?"

            "Yup, I've heard it's supposed to be some kind of bird, but I've never put any stock into those rumors."

            "Do you think we could take a stop over to those islands?"

            "Well if you want to head there then we can make a stopover." Baoba takes up the wheel and starts turning the boat. "Seafoam Island, here we come!"


Meanwhile, on the island, a figure runs around as a group of Rocket Grunts chase after him. He tosses out two Poke'balls with a pair of Pokémon popping out, one a small quadruped Pokémon covered in red-orange fur with long ears and a main and tail of fluffy yellow fur with one tuft of it on its head. The other a large quadruped canine-like Pokémon with an orange pelt marked with black jagged stripes and covered in shaggy beige fur.

            "Flareon, Arcanine, Fire Blast!" He orders seriously.

The two Pokémon shoot out intense blasts of fire out towards the Rocket Grunts sending a small number back. "Squad A's down send in the wild ones." A figure watching from the shadows says into a radio.

            "Stand down at once, there's no way that any of you can possibly stand up against me." The man says walking towards the group as they lay on the ground. "I was your boss at one point."

            "That's true, but we've improved since you've left." The Grunt says seriously.

A number of Koffing begin floating in the air near the gathered group as the man looks up horrified. "Explosion." A voice says from over the radio.

The various Koffing explodes around everyone knocking the man and his Pokémon back into the side of the mountain. He looks down to see his Pokémon struggling to stand up as he barely makes it to his feet.

            Damn it, we've been fighting for days we're exhausted. Neither my Pokemon or I can keep this up, but at this rate, the Rocket Kingdom is going to win. The man thinks to himself.

One of the Grunts walks up to the man holding out a Poke'ball as he looks down at him. "Now then traitor it's about time that you face judgment, and the sentence is death!"

Suddenly a large figure drops down from above as Snorlax slams into the ground in between the figure and the Grunt. "Snorlax, Thunder Punch!"

Snorlax comes in with an electrified fist aimed at the Grunt who barely manages to avoid the attack. He looks on as Snorlax glares down at him leaping back and pulling out a small ball.

            "Damn it, I need reinforcements." He tosses the ball down with a smoke cloud forming underneath him obscuring him as he escapes.

Red rushes up to Snorlax's side patting it happily. "Good job Snorlax, we've got to stay on guard with the Rocket Kingdom around here."

            "So those are those Rocket Kingdom guys you were talking about, seems like a nasty sort," Baoba says rushing up to Red looking on cautiously. "And who's that guy?"

Looking closer at the figure a bald old man with a thick white mustache in a lab coat walks over to Red looking at him closely. "So you're the one he's chosen, you're as impressive as I've been told you are."

            "What?" Red looks curiously up at the man.

            "Sorry, I haven't introduced myself. I am Blain Vuur, at one time I was a General who fought in the war with Jhoto and I was a scientist for the Rocket Kingdom."

            "What!?" Red yells out enraged.

Blain looks on Red seriously before walking past him and walking over to his Pokémon. "Think of me as you will, but I am no longer allied with them. My ideals separated from theirs and I've been trying to stop their plans around this area."

            "I can't believe you, you once worked with those monsters, even now this could be a trap."

            "Your cautiousness is good, but do not let it cloud your judgments," Blain says seriously.

            "Do you know Mr. Fuji?" Red asks cautiously.

            "Yes he's a dear friend of mine, and at one point tried to convince me not to ally myself with the Rocket Kingdom."

            "You should've listened to him," Red says begrudgingly.

Red looks towards Blain's Pokémon pointing his Poke'dex out towards the two of them.

            "Arcanine, The Legendary Pokémon; This Pokémon has been long admired for its beauty and agility. It naturally gives off a grand sense of majesty making people mistake it for a Legendary Pokémon." The Poke'dex says scanning one of the Pokémon. "Flareon, the Flame Pokémon; It stores thermal energy inside of its body expunging excess energy through its fur with its internal temperature managing to reach high levels."

            "So that is the Poke'dex, Samuel's greatest invention," Blain says seriously.

            "You knew Old Man Oak to huh? Well, that doesn't change my opinion on you." Red says seriously.

            "It doesn't matter, I have to return to my lab and heal my Pokémon. The Rocket Grunts have been mapping the underground locations, and they are close to...."

A loud roar comes out from the opposite island as a large flurry of ice and snow begin to surround the island. Suddenly a large blue bird with wings made of ice emerges from the top of the mountain roaring out as the snowstorm intensifies.

            "Articuno, the Freeze Pokémon; One of the Legendary Pokémon of Kanto, it's magnificent wings seem to be made of ice chilling the air around it seemingly creating snow while it flies. It can create blizzards by freezing the moisture around itself intensifying these storms."

            "What is that?" Baoba asks concerned.

            "They've angered it, and now it's awakened from its slumber." Blain returns his Pokémon into their Poke'balls and looks towards Red. "Red I know you don't trust me, but this situation is more important."

            "Why should I trust you?"

            "Because if you don't then the Rocket Kingdom will capture Articuno and use its power to wage war and cause destruction." Blain hands Red his Poke'balls and holds out another one. "I have a hidden lab on this island, go there and heal my Pokémon. That is all I ask of you please."

            "Fine," Red says begrudgingly. "But I'm only doing it to help your Pokémon. How am I supposed to find it?"

Blaine tosses out the Poke'ball with a large horse-like Pokémon with a mane and tail made up of fires. "Rapidash will lead you there, but please hurry, we need to force Articuno away before the Rocket Grunts show you."

            "Okay, I'll go." Red leaps onto Rapidash's back as Baoba looks on concerned. "Are you coming?"

            "No I'm going to stick around here, maybe I can help," Baoba says seriously.

Rapidash runs off leaving Baoba and Blaine as Articuno begins taking flight towards the pair as they stand their ground.

Pokémon Special Conquest

RBG Arc Ch.29: Golden Teeth pt.2


In the middle of the plains of the Safari Zone, Red and Baoba stand against a charging Nidoqueen and Nidoking. Red tosses out his Poke'balls with Snorlax and Poliwrath popping out and blocking the charge of the two Pokémon.

            "I told you Pokémon are dangerous, that's why Warriors use them as weapons in war." Baoba glares up at Red looking down at the four Pokémon. "And now we're going to die because of these monsters!"

            "No, we're not, Pokémon aren't monsters!" Red yells out directing his Pokémon as they continue the fight. "It's People that make Pokémon monsters."

As the Pokémon grapple with each other, a loud roar comes out from a distance. Looking on the Tauros charges in smashing into the side of the Nidoking knocking it to the ground.

            "You see, Pokémon live to battle."

            "No wait, it's defending us." Red looks on surprised before looking down at the Tauros. "You stay here, I'll get a closer look."

            "Wait, Kid, don't leave me!"

Red walks closer to the Pokémon reaching his hand out towards Tauros. If it's helping to defend us, that means it's bonded to someone could I have...

Tauros roars out at Red before turning its attention away and looking towards the Nidoqueen.

            "What on earth was that kid?" Baoba asks rushing to his side.

            "That Tauros must be bonded to someone, but if it isn't me then it's...." Red looks towards Baoba before realizing the situation. "Give Tauros a command."


            "Give Tauros a command and have it attack that Nidoqueen."

            "Your crazy kid, there's no way that'll work."

            "Just do it!"

            "Fine, Tauros bash into that Nidoqueen," Baoba says trying to sound serious.

Immediately Tauros charges in towards the Nidoqueen knocking it over before charging towards Baoba. It immediately stops and starts licking Baoba happily as the other two Pokémon lay on the ground to injured to move.

            "What's going on?"

            "It'd seem you somehow bonded with this Tauros accidently when it was chasing you around it was trying to play with you it'd seem." Red pet's Tauros as begins rubbing itself against Baoba. "It really seems to like you."

            "Yeah, it almost seems gentle, despite what it did to those other two Pokémon."

            "Well it's surprising, Nidoking and Nidoqueen are known for being quite strong, to go down in one hit is a bit much." Red looks onto the two Pokémon noticing the injuries covering their bodies. "I think that they might've been Pokémon used in the war."


            "After the war, a lot of Pokémon that was left over were released into the wild, I think those two might've previously fought in the war." Red walks over to their side looking over their extensive injuries.

            "So what does that mean?"

            "It means that they've experienced a lot, and because of it, they may be wary of Humans."

            "Is that why they attacked us?" Baoba looks down saddened by the sight of the two Pokémon walking to Red's side. "I wonder, how many Pokémon here were in the war."

            "It's possible a good number of them were once used in the war."

Baoba looks towards the two of them lifting himself up and rubbing Tauros. "Well, now how about we get over this depressing stuff and head back to relax."


            "There's not much either of us can do here right now, so let's go back and relax." Baoba climbs onto Tauros's back. "On top of that, I could use the time to find a good place for this guy to rest at my place."


A moment later Red and Baoba sit around inside of Baoba's home, as Red looks around Baoba's various trophies with Tauros sitting outside in the backyard. Baoba sips on tea and looks out at Tauros as it starts grazing.

            "I never could've believed that I have a Pokémon, it's kind of crazy if I went back in time and told my past self he'd swear I was lying."

            "There have been cases where someone might've accidently bonded with a Pokémon, in cases like those people refer to it as destiny."

            "Well kid, you helped me find my teeth and you helped me make a Pokémon friend, so I wanna reward you."


            "Yup, name whatever you want and I'll help you out with everything within my power."

Red looks around at the trophies focusing in on a small golden stone. "What is this?"

            "It's a Sun Stone a special stone I've found while on my various travels if you wish to take it it's yours," Baoba says with a grin on his face. "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

            "Yes, I'd like a ride to Cinnabar Island."

            "Cinnabar Island? That place is just a little dump for old folks. Why'd you want to go there?"

            "I made a promise with someone and I have to go there to fulfill it."

            "Okay, say no more. You are a kid of your word after all huh? So there's no stopping you once you've made a decision." Baoba jumps up from his chair excitedly with a large grin on his face. "So I'll send you off in my special ship, the S.S. Baoba!"

            "S.S. Baoba?"

            "Yes, it's my own personal ship there's nothing else like it in the world."

            "Okay, let's go!" Red yells out excitedly.


Elsewhere on a pair of islands in the middle of the sea a figure in a lab coat rushes around trying to stay hidden in the shadows. A small number of Rocket Grunts rush around searching for the figure, standing around and scouring the island.

            "He's not on this island, should we go check the tunnels?" One of the grunts asks curiously.

            "No, if he's not on this island then we'll head to the other one." The other grunt leads the other group around the island. "He has no water type Pokémon so it's impossible for him to escape with only Fire Type Pokémon."

The figure watches on carefully as they round the corner and pulls out a Poke'ball. "They're right, I can't escape now, but I can at least make sure you don't get it. The Legendary Pokémon, Articuno."

Ch.31: Battle Royal pt.5


In the midst of the forest under the tall trees and the gentle breeze of the wind, Raine and ProtoOdonamon, Talulla and VermTeddymon, Orla and Komodomon, and Able and Danukimon battle against one another before coming to a sudden stop. Jager alongside Lupusmon, Walter, and Strigimon appear walking up towards the group sternly staring at the chaos before them.

            "So have you two made up and made nice?" Jager asks taunting the pair.

            "You could say that, but we have some issues to work out." Talulla glares at Jager before pointing towards him. "But don't think I don't have issues with you, you did leave me and Teddymon before."

            "What can I say I have to look after myself in the end," Jager says seriously.

            "Alright, enough grandstanding let's get down to fighting." Walter pulls out his Digivice grinning excitedly.

            "Not yet Walter," Strigimon says sternly as it flies up to the top of a tree. "We have a few unwanted guest sitting around."

A number of trees start moving around and shaking violently before several starts moving revealing faces and small limbs uprooting themselves to walk on the ground. The Digimon begin growing at the group readying themselves for an attack.

            "Woodmon, Champion Level, Virus Type." Walter scans the Digimon looking at them curiously. "Hey, are these guys a threat?"

            "No not really, the Digimon here easily dwarf them in terms of strength." Strigimon flies down to the ground towards the Woodmon as Lupusmon joins it. "But it's best we wrap them up quickly."

            "Right, Strigimon, let's Digivolve!"

            "Lupusmon, Digivolve!"

Strigimon's body begins to glow before morphing and changing as it flies before landing on the ground. When the light fades a tall figure with an owl-like head and a cloak made up of feathers attached to its head covering up its body blocking any other sights.

            "Sophiormon, Champion Level, Vaccine Type," Walter says bragging about his partner.

Lupusmon charges in with its body glowing Digivolving into Lycanoimon, smashing into the Woodmon and knocking several over. Sophiormon quickly follows moving the cloak revealing them as large wings and revealing a thin humanoid figure underneath with bird like feet and sharp bird like claws for hands.

            "Psy Strike!" Sophiormon's eyes glow brightly as it slashes through the Woodmon rushing through the group.

            "Blow Down!" Lycanoimon breathes in a large amount of air shooting it out and knocking over the remaining Woodmon.

As the strings come down wrapping around the Woodmon the duo takes their places next to their Tamers as the group's attention is refocused. Everyone stares at one another waiting for someone to make the next move as Able and Danukimon look around nervously hoping to avoid attention.

            "Enough standing around Komodomon!" Orla yells out excitedly.

Komodomon charges in towards Sophiormon readying it's claws and slashing at it. Sophiormon manages to jump back avoiding the attack leaping back into the woods. Walter chases after his partner with Orla quickly on his heels.

Danukimon sighs relieved by the incident. "I'm so happy that that crazy chick wasn't going after me."

            "Go after them." Talulla glares at Danukimon seriously.


            "Like I said, GO AFTER THEM!"

Danukimon jumps back terrified before leaping into the forest after the duo of Digimon and Tamers quickly followed by Able. "So we'll just leave you three to whatever is going on here and be back later."

Raine, Talulla, and Jager stand around alongside their partners looking at one another seriously. Talulla pulls a lollipop out of her pocket and points at Jager then at Raine, before shoving it into her mouth.

            "So who's up first?" She asks seriously.

            "Oh please just because you can Digivolve now, your acting all big now?" Raine looks at her with an odd gaze. "Now how about we just do this professionally and get it over with."

            "I think that'd be for the best too," Jager says annoyed by the goings on. "So let's just fight."

            "You had me at fight!" Talulla yells out seriously.

Before anyone could make a move loud noises come from within the woods as a number of strings come down pulling up Digimon and Tamers. The noises get louder and louder as various trees start falling over in the distance.

            "So is that what I think it is?" Raine asks turning her attention away from the others.

            "I hope not, we've already been through enough for now." ProtoOdonamon readies itself worried about what is to come.

            "Alright, bring it on. We'll bail if things get too serious." Talulla says petting VermTeddymon's fur. "So don't do anything to get yourself hurt okay."

            "Alright, wasn't expecting to run into one of them, well more like hoping," Jager says nervously.

            "Okay well, you wanted to test our strength with this contest this is a good test." Lycanoimon.

            "I guess you're right."

Out of the forest, Vipodemon emerges from the forest with Gabby standing on top of its head. She looks down at the group with a grin as Vipodemon curls around the rest of its massive serpentine body.

            "So you're not going to run away?" Gabby asks seriously. "This could be your only chance to get away, you can't win a head on fight."

Everyone stands in silence stunned before Raine takes a step forward pointing her finger at Gabby. "We're not running away, we're going to beat you and win this contest!"

            "Good, I like your vigor. Bring it on!"


Meanwhile, Komodomon chases after Sophiormon towards the edge of the forest as Walter and Orla quickly following behind, with Danukimon and Able chasing after the group as a whole. They make it out of the forest into the rocky area as Sophiormon dodges all of Komodomon's attacks. Danukimon quickly reaches the group rushing up to them nervously.

            "Alright, bring it on! Give me a good fight!" Komodomon yells out seriously before looking towards Danukimon. "Everyone around me, give me a fight!"

            "Alright, we'll give you a fight." A voice says from above.

Suddenly Talan and Akkoromon crash down from above towards the group wrapping its tentacles around Sophiormon and Komodomon. "Now let's wrap up this battle, and let's make it good."

Ch.30: Battle Royal pt.4


In the middle of the forest, Raine and Odnamon alongside Orla and Varanomon wander around the thick forest with the sounds of battle surrounding them. Orla listens to the fights around then with a large grin on her face as a number of Digimon and Tamers are lifted up into the air towards the dome.

            "Well, it looks like everyone's dropping like flies." Orla grins happily stopping in the middle of the path. "Coming to this competition certainly wasn't a waste."

            "Yeah soon the weaklings will be lost and then all that'll be left are foes worthy of our might." Varanomon grins excitedly barely containing itself from rushing off.

            "Well both of you keep calm for now, it won't be long before...."

Raine and Odnamon duck down quickly as shots rockets past them quickly. In the distance, a Digimon with its body made up of a gun, a large cowboy hat, and holding a pair of guns in its hands.

            "Deputymon, Champion Level, Vaccine Type," Raine says scanning the Digimon in the distance. "Great we've been spotted."

            "Russian Roulette!" Deputymon yells out firing shots out of its guns out towards the group as they dodge its various shots.

            "DJ Shooter!" Another voice yells out nearby.

A disc shoots out from nearby them cutting away tree limbs as it rockets by. Another Digimon with a rag doll like body with a shell on its back and a disc jetting from the top of its head.

            "Gwappamon, Champion Level, Data Type," Orla says scanning the Digimon as it ready's another attack. "Oh yes, let them come let's beat them all. Varanomon Digivolve!"

Varanomon charges in as it's body becomes engulfed in light leaping up in the air as it's body morphs and changes into Komodomon. Komodomon slashes out at Gwappamon, who ducks under the attack with its floppy body and lifting up readying a fist.

            "Gawappa Punch!" Gwappamon punches Komodomon back knocking it into a nearby tree.

            "Oh, great these guys are really annoying." Raine looks on annoyed as the duo of Digimon surround them.

            "Well let's just hurry up and take them out before more enemies show up," Odonamon says seriously.

            "VermTeddymon, Bear Slash!" A voice says from nearby.

Suddenly VermTeddymon appears behind Deputymon slashing into it and cutting it down. A string comes down wrapping around Deputymon lifting it up into the air as nearby it's Tamer is taken as well.

            "What the?" Raine looks on confused looking on the Digimon in front of her. "There's no way, this can't be..."

            "Should've figured that you'd be here." Talulla comes out from behind VermTeddymon unwrapping a piece of candy and tossing it into her mouth. "Well I'd like to avoid a fight, but it seems that now that we've encountered each other we have to fight."

            "Hey wait, that wasn't the plan!" Tanukimon yells out concerned. "We were supposed to avoid the enemies."

            "Well, it looks like the plan has changed," Talulla says seriously. "Now Teddymon crush them."

            "No, you don't!" Raine holds out her Digivice with Odonamon charging in Digivolving into ProtoOdonamon.

ProtoOdonamon charges in towards VermTeddymon quickly moving around the larger Digimon. ProtoOdonamon increases its speed faster and faster with VermTeddymon simply taking the attacks waiting before lifting up rapidly and grabbing ProtoOdonamon smashing it down into the ground and standing over it.

            "Well, you always were able to take a hit." ProtoOdonamon looks on seriously before flapping it's wings rapidly lifting itself off of the ground. "Too bad you're also kind of slow!"

It lifts itself up and knocks VermTeddymon back as Komodomon comes in slashing into VermTeddymon with a grin on its face.

            "You're quite strong, let's see how much damage you can take!"

            "Thief!" Tanukimon rushes in towards Komodomon knocking into it and grabbing a scale off of its back. "Hey, Able I need some help here!"

            "Right Tanukimon, Digivolve!"

Tanukimon's body is covered in a bright light as it's body begins to morph and change. As the light fades with a tall humanoid Digimon with a thin figure wearing a ninja-style outfit, a large drum on its back, a pair of raccoon-like ears and a long raccoon tail stands in its spot looking on nervously.

            "Danukimon, Champion Level, Data Type," Raine says scanning the Digimon. "Never figured that Tanukimon would be able to Digivolve."

            "It took a lot of effort but we managed to get there." Able looks on proudly moving over to his partner's side.

            "We don't have time for this!" Danukimon yell out nervously.

            "Poison Slash!" Komodomon charges in slashing out at Danukimon with an excited grin on its face. "Good, you're not a worthless enemy, so give me your best shot!"

            "I'll try." Danukimon looks on nervously reaching for the drum on its back. "I've never actually battled in this form before, but...Drums!"

Danukimon bangs on the drum as a blast of energy shoots out of hit hitting everything around it as it looks on surprised. "Didn't expect that."

            "Careful with that thing!" Talulla yells out annoyed.

            "Sorry, but this is new." Able says nervously. "But never mind that, let's focus on fighting those guys for now."

            "Fine, but we'll have a talk about this later."

            "Okay let's try that again. Dru...."

Suddenly ProtoOdonamon charges in knocking Danukimon's drum away before punching it to the ground before flying over it. Seeing an opportunity Komodomon charges in readying it's claws and bearing its teeth aimed at Danukimon. Before it can reach VermTeddymon comes in blocking the attack and smacking it back with its own claws before knocking Komodomon down to the ground.

            "That's good Teddymon." Talulla looks on excitedly with a large grin on her face and eating another piece of candy. "Let's crush these two and get back to business."

            "Oh yeah, who's to say we won't crush you!"

Talulla and Raine glare enraged at each other, the thoughts of their recent schism coming to the forefront of their mind. Before they can give another order to their Digimon two figures come down from above stepping in the middle of the group.

            "Well now, this is quite the melee, how about I get in on this." Jager stands next to Lupusmon, Walter, and Strigimon looking onto the fights in front of him. "So how about we fight too."

For those of you waiting the wait is over Labyrinthine, Zodiac Wars, Fairy Fencer, and Extra Hero are back with their new volumes. On top of that Pokemon: Gijinka Knights and MLP: Harmonics are returning with new tales and finally a new work is being added to the Mini Series Fire Emblem Fates: Wrath of the Dual Dragons that's right a new Fanfiction work to add to the list so for those of you confused Pokemon Special Conquest, Digimon R2, Void Vol.2, Labyrinthine Vol.5, Zodiac Wars Vol.5, Fairy Fencer Vol.2, and Extra Hero Vol.2 are works that'll be updated weekly while Persona Survivor, Pokemon Gijinka Knights, MLP: Harmonics and Fire Emblem Fates: Wrath of the Dual Dragons are works that'll be updated once every other week. So with all that said I hope you all find something enjoyable here in this lot.


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A simple nerd and writer of fanfiction and original fiction hoping to become a professional writer of some degree and hopefully hoping to find an artist to collab on stuff with.

If you haven't noticed the number of deviations I write a ton of stuff so hopefully you'll find something you like.


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