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Pokémon Special Conquest

RBG Arc Ch.25: Rocket Hideout pt.2


Deep underground Red and Lady Ninja travel deeper into the Rocket Base riding an elevator to the deepest level. After a moment it stops and the doors open leading into a long dark hallway that the pair immediately start rushing down as the doors quickly close. After a moment Lady Ninja immediately stops before holding her hand out towards Red stopping him.

            "What's wrong?" Red asks curiously.

            "There's a trap."

Two figures leap down from the ceiling and land in front of the two hiding in the shadows of the hallway. "I'm surprised, you're not all talk Lady Ninja." A woman says seriously.

            "Of course, I'm not slouch, I'm a legitimate Ninja." She says seriously pulling out a Poke'ball.

            "Well no we know not to hold back at all." A man says seriously.

The pair toss out a pair of Poke'balls as a long purple snake-like Pokémon with a large hood below its head with a pattern on its hood popping out of one charging towards Red. Above Lady Ninja a purple Pokémon with two spherical heads of different sizes, connected to one another and floating into the air as poisonous gas starts emitting from crater like holes in its heads.

            "Arbok, the Cobra Pokémon, This Pokémon's known for its incredible strength and deadly constrictions being strong enough to crush a steel drum. Once it's wrapped around something it will almost never let go." Red's Poke'dex says scanning the creeping Arbok as it gets closer.

Lady Ninja pulls out a Poke'dex scanning the Pokémon floating over her as it draws closer. "Weezing, the Poison Gas Pokémon, This Pokémon grows by feeding off gases released from trash and garbage it is drawn to the smell of these gases and mixes them inside of its body. These gases become emitted as toxically noxious gas that seeps from its body."

            "Now Weezing Poison Gas!" The man yells out ordering his Weezing as it floats to the middle of the room.

Weezing emits a thick cloud from its body that begins to engulf the area, almost immediately Lady Ninja pulls a small mask over her face. The gas envelopes Red as he struggles to stand inside of it his eyes burning as he struggles to keep them open as he covers his face in a vain attempt to not breathe in the gas.

            "If you have a Fire Type I recommend you use it now to burn this gas away before it kills you!" Lady Ninja yells out seriously.

Red reaches for his Poke'balls tossing it out with Charmeleon emerging and unleashing a torrent of flames to burn away the gas. "Thank you Charmeleon."

            "Now Arbok, Thunder Fang!" Arbok charges in aimed towards Charmeleon with its jaw electrified.

Arbok chomps down on Charmeleon shooting electricity throughout its body as it roars out in pain. Seeing an opportunity Arbok begins wrapping itself around Charmeleon angling it's head just in front of Charmeleon's face.

            "Now Arbok, Gunk Shot!" Arbok gathers up a massive amount of ooze inside of its mouth before shooting it out at Charmeleon before quickly leaping off as Charmeleon falls to the ground. "My Arbok's poison is quite potent, it's  only a matter of time before your Charmeleon falls."

            "These two are just stalling us, we have to get past them no matter what if you want your Badges back." She pulls out a Poke'ball, tossing it out towards the middle of the hallway. "When facing Poison Pokémon, it's best to use Poison Pokémon."

A green quadruped Pokémon with a large plant on its back pops out as a series of vines erupt from its back.

            "Ivysaur, the Seed Pokémon; The bulb on its back draws nutrients from its body and it's weight causes the Pokémon to lose the ability to stand on its hind legs as they grow stronger to support the weight." Red's Poke'dex says as it scans the Pokémon.

            "Now Ivysaur, Vine Whip!" Ivysaur releases a series of vines that lash out at everything around it smacking Arbok and Weezing back as the two Pokémon yell out in pain. "Now for the finishing blow, Jigglypuff Hyper Voice!"

She tosses out another Poke'ball with Jigglypuff popping out and landing on the ground. With Ivysaur holding the two back with its vines Jigglypuff lets out a loud screech that echoes across the hallway.

Arbok and Weezing recoil in pain before the pair return them to their Poke'balls and fade away into the darkness of the hallway. "This was quite the experience, you're as strong as we were warned." The man says seriously.

            "And the boy, you are disappointing, we expected quite more out of you." The woman says as they fade away.

Red and Lady Ninja stand around as she returns her Pokémon to their Poke'balls and starts walking down the hall. "Well aren't you coming?"

            "Yeah," Red says disappointedly.

            "You shouldn't let it get to you ninja tactics are to quickly overwhelm a foe, and well you, of course, were overwhelmed." She says trying to cheer him up.

The pair makes their way to the end of the hallway opening up the door and revealing a large luxurious room with a large couch covering the back wall. In front of the couch, a large table sits with a pair of two badges sitting on the table as Lady Ninja approaches and picks them up.

            "Okay, it doesn't seem like a trap." She says seriously handing them to Red. "So do you want your Badges back?"

Red looks on them seriously clenching his fist. "I don't know, if the Rocket Kingdom is after then and I'm not able to get stronger then they would...."

            "Look they had them in their possession, and for some reason they left them behind, they'll come back for them eventually and all we can do is just try to defend them, and I can't do everything myself. I'm waging my own war against them and it would be too dangerous for me to hold onto them myself, that's what today proved to me."

            "Okay." Red grabs his Badges and stares at them. "I'll get stronger much stronger than I am now."

            "Good, because I may have need of you in the future." She says as she walks off pulling something out of her bag. "If you wanna get stronger and keep looking for the Generals, then there's one in town."

            "Wait before you go. You have a Poke'dex and an Ivysaur, Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur right? so...."

            "Ivysaur has been with me since I was a child, and this Poke'dex is something I got from someone who died."


            "Yeah, a girl from Pallet Town, she gave it to me before she died and part of my reason for fighting them is to avenge her." She tosses a sphere onto the ground with a thick black fog erupting around them. "Hopefully, you will be an ally in the upcoming fight, so don't do anything to get yourself killed."

The smoke clears leaving Red in the room alone as he looks around turning to his Badges before clenching his fist. "I will become stronger, I will become the strongest there is and protect everyone."

He leaves the room and in the distant corner, a small hidden camera records him as he rushes off. "Good, overcome this and you'll become exactly what I need. Become a symbol that can unite them all."

Ch.25: An Odd Challenger pt.3


In the middle of the forest arena ProtoOdonamon flies up into the air at a rapid pace as Raine stands around in its wake. It flies higher and higher before charging down towards a figure on the ground hidden under a layer of trees.

            "Speed Boost!" ProtoOdonamon charges in aimed at the figure rushing at an intense speed.

ProtoOdonamon blasts in charging into the figure knocking it back into a tree before it lifts itself up off of the ground. "You're good, of course, that was to be expected."

A tall purple lizard-like Digimon with a feminine frame and a series of spines running down its back and a long tail sliding along the ground. It stands tall before rushing ahead holding out its claws with ProtoOdonamon flying high out of its reach, almost immediately it leaps onto a tree and starts climbing. Once it reaches the top it leaps up into the air grabbing at ProtoOdonamon and dragging it to the ground in front of Raine.

            "Komodomon, Champion Level, Virus Type," Raine says scanning the Digimon.

            "Impressive isn't she?" Orla asks curiously walking up to Raine with a grin. "My partner always so forceful she doesn't know the meaning of the word restraint, of course, neither do I."

Orla rushes up towards Raine with her fist aimed towards Raine's face. Raine dodges her attack grabbing her hand and flipping her to the ground before pinning her.

            "Just give it up already, I'm tired of kicking your butt."

            "Oh that's fine our fight is only the distraction, while we battle your losing."

Komodomon stands over ProtoOdonamon as it attempts to fly away with ProtoOdonamon manages to break its grip. It flies into the air as Komodomon grins up at it tracking it with its eyes.

Komodomon takes a bite of its arm scraping off a few scales and gathering them into its mouth. "Scale Shot!" It shoots the scales out of its mouth, covered in a poison sludge.

The  Scales hit ProtoOdonamon knocking it back as they dig into its skin and falling down to the ground. ProtoOdonamon tries forcing itself up as tries forcing itself up injured and in pain with poison coursing through its body causing it more and more pain.

            "ProtoOdonamon!" Raine yells out concerned letting go of Raine and rushing to her partner's side. "Are you okay?"

            "I'm fine, just a little bit of pain here and there nothing much." ProtoOdonamon gets on its feet before flapping its wings managing to get itself into the air. "See all fine, just a little woozy is all."

            "You know you're not good at lying to me, you're in incredible pain aren't you?"

            "She has to be, my poison is quite potent and you're going to go down now!" Komodomon yells out charging in. "Poison Slash."

The poison ooze starts seeping out of Komodomon's claws as it charges in towards ProtoOdonamon. As it closes in ProtoOdonamon flies high into the air avoiding the attack before falling down due to pain from the poison system. It struggles to stay in the air as Komodomon begins climbing another large tree.

            "Hold on ProtoOdonamon, I'll get the card ready," Raine says readying a card to swipe through her Digivice.

            "Oh no, you won't!" Orla rushes in again knocking the card out of Raine's hand as she starts grabbing Raine tackling her to the ground. "I'll be honest you're the best opponent I've had for the longest time, you're so fun I can't let this battle end yet, come now we have to keep going!"

            "No way!" Raine knocks Orla off her back grabbing her card off the ground and holding out her Digivice. "I'm ending this right here and now, X-Antibody!"

Raine swipes the card through her Digivice as a glowing aura encompasses around its body as several of its injuries slowly heal. Komodomon leaps into the air with ProtoOdonamon charging in towards it as the pair start to collide midair.

            "Poison Slash!"

            "Speed Boost!"

The pair charge in at each other with the poison ooze seeping from Komodomon's claws as ProtoOdonamon increases its speed. Just before the two come within range of each other ProtoOdonamon flies slightly back as it begins flapping it's wings rapidly.

            "Sonic Burst!" ProtoOdonamon shoots out a burst of energy knocking Komodomon back onto the ground as it charges in for another attack. "Now let's end this ourselves, Speed Boost!"

            "I won't let this battle end just yet!" Orla leaps up charging towards Raine with a large grin on her face.

            "I'm getting sick of you myself."

ProtoOdonamon charges into Komodomon punching it at an intense speed. At the same time, Orla comes in at Raine attempting to kick her as Raine grabs her leg and flips her over bringing her to the ground. As both of them fall over into unconsciousness a loud buzzer screeches across the area signaling the end of the battle.


A moment later Raine sits around in the lobby exhausted from the battle as Odonamon flies around her. The pair sits around exhausted from the battle as Orla and Varanomon walk over to her side.

            "That was a great battle," Orla says excitedly as she walks to Raine's side. "I would love to battle someone like you again."

            "Yes, we must have a rematch, a part of me can't allow myself to let things end like this," Varanomon says barely restraining itself. "Let's do it now let's battle now!"

Orla kicks Varanomon in the back of the head as it falls to the ground. "Now now Varanomon, you have to keep yourself calm and be patient."

            "Sorry about that," Varanomon says regaining its senses.

            "So how about a rematch."

Raine looks up at the pair before looking away. "I have to say you're a strong opponent, but if we have a choice I'd never want to battle you ever again."

            "Oh really?" Orla asks curiously.

            "Of course, you're a little bit too much for us, but I will bow to you as worthy foes," Odonamon says seriously.

The pair get up and start walking off leaving the pair behind as Raine tries to make herself seem calm as she desperately tries to escape the pair.

            "So Raine huh?" Orla puts her hand to her face and blushes slightly. "I have to remember that name."

Labyrinthine Vol.V

Ch.6: The Story of Her and Me


Years ago in the middle of the night outside of the forest on the shores of the beach a figure washes up ashore, the Reptilian, he lays unconscious and close to death as the waves wash over him. As he lays on the ground be begins to breathe softly as a figure begins to float over him looking down curiously.

            "Such a sad poor being, a kid like you shouldn't die so young." She says seriously as she lowers herself to the ground. "I have only so much time left, but I guess for now I'll look over this child, it should be a good waste of time."


As the sun rises on a new day the Reptilian awakens to find himself on the ground in the middle of a forest surrounded by lush greenery. He lifts up and begins checking his surroundings finding no signs of fauna in this odd forest he continues his search before finding an odd scent that seems to surround the entire forest.

            "So you're up and moving, it seems your kind heals quite fast." A voice says from behind him.

He looks back to find a small girl with long golden hair and large bug like wings floating in the air behind him. She lands on the ground looking up at him with a sly grin before walking past him.

            "What are you?" He asks cautiously.

            "There's no need for you to concern yourself with that child." She says dismissively walking past him. "If I believe your race was once the beings of the labyrinth, it's quite funny to see one of you outside of them."

            "Were you the one who healed me?"

            "Of course, you washed up on my beach so I healed you, having a corpse lying around would draw unwanted attention."

            "Unwanted attention?"

            "Yes, I don't want any wandering eyes finding their way here. I've spent years making this place perfect, and I will not have anyone tarnish it."

            "This place is pretty, but I wouldn't call it perfect."

She quickly turns around staring into his eyes. "What do you mean by that? I have a wide variety of plants living here some that couldn't even survive in this soil originally."

            "Well there are no animals here, and it makes this place feel lifeless almost sterile in a sense."

She looks around floating into the air listening as the silence around them is only broken by gusts of wind blowing past them. "Your right, it is awfully quiet here, almost dull." She lands on the ground in front of him holding out her hand. "Well I was hoping you'd be a good waste of time so how about sitting around here with me for a while?"

            "I have nowhere else to be." He grabs her hand and smiles slightly. "My name is Ensio."

            "It's been so long since I've used a name, you can call me Har."


            "I can't remember my original name, but I think Har will work fine as a name don't you think." She says with a large grin on her face.


In the present, Ensio finishes his story to the others as they sit around exhausted from their battle. "From there we lived together in this forest for a few years before she passed a few months ago and her spirit went out of control twisting and contorting this place. She always held strong magics in life, but it was hard to believe she could do such a thing."

            "From the way she looked and the way you described her I have no idea what she was," Kadin says thinking about things. "But she sounded like some old woman despite looking young."

            "That's because she was a Fairy," Naoki says seriously. "Insane magical abilities, a kind of eternal youth, defiantly a Fairy."

            "What're Fairies?" Gali asks curiously.

            "Out of all the races the Holy and the Demons were considered the most powerful, but one race that could rival their power were the Fairies once known for their powerful magic," Naoki says explaining things. "They were an all female race and practically forever young, with a few exceptions, because they refused to take a side both sides attacked them in fear of their power wiping them out."

            "Okay, then why was one here?" Aran asks annoyed. "If we just finished fighting some impossible ghost then I'm going to admit that we're cursed or something."

            "No there's a possibility that one managed to escape and made it out here to this no-name place," Naoki says seriously. "She must've been ancient having lived for so long."

            "When she died I buried her corpse on where that tree sits, it quickly sprang up after she passed, after then that spirit appeared calling me weak and attacking everyone that approached the forest," Ensio says staring up at the tree. "I tried to soothe her spirit, but it seems that only conflict could ease her soul."

            "Don't you get it?" Pax looks at Ensio seriously. "She loved you, her only regret was thinking you couldn't take care of yourself. I mean everything only got really crazy after we dragged you out of the forest until then she only attacked people who wandered in, again protecting you."

            "I never asked to be protected," Ensio says seriously. "But I do appreciate how she felt, I loved her too."

            "Now everyone, let's go get paid and head home!" Pax says excitedly.

The group gathers up as they exhaustedly make their way towards the edge of the forest with Ensio sitting around. "I wonder, where exactly should I call home?"


            "What do you mean you won't pay for another Airship ride!?" Vil yells out annoyed.

The group sits around inside of the inn with Dogol sitting around looking on as the roots penetrating the walls start withering. "It's exactly as I said, it was never in your contract for me to pay for you a way back to Iolum."

            "Come on that's unfair, we did our jobs so how could you not give us a way home?" Vil asks annoyed.

            "No use in arguing, I won't do it. I'll let you stay here until you figure out a way to get home, but I'm not paying for you to get home." Dogol says seriously. "Now hopefully we can keep everything up and running, around here and get some business started."

Labyrinthine Vol.5 Ch.6
The group rests after a battle and listens to a tale.

Zodiac Wars Vol.V

Ch.7: Secret Attack


In the middle of the forest a group of people wander around searching across the area, all the while the duo in the front of the group sniff at the air tracking a scent. They pause momentarily as the large man in the middle of the group stops them as he looks around seriously.

            "Damn it, it's freaking hot out here." He says fanning himself as the others stare at him. "Seriously why did the king send me out here to this stinking place? Just because he said there might be some Temple here, it's seriously annoying."

            "Could you stop your griping for a moment, the Dragons are not known to leave their domains unguarded, there are enemies about and your complaining is distracting me." A large muscular man says seriously looking around the area. "I've been wanting to trade blows with a mighty Dragon."

            "Quite you, your noise is beginning to hurt my ears." A short woman says seriously fanning herself. "If I could find a water source, I could use my powers to make the area cooler, but this valley is so wide."

As the trio bicker the pair in the front continue to sniff at the air attempting to track a scent. "Stupid Dogs! Can't you lot do anything but sniff at the air!"

High above the group Rance looks down floating above them as he smirks jokingly. "Seriously the FHA, one Pig, a pair of Dogs, a Horse, and an Ox. Only five people, but while they bicker they are strong, if things get to dangerous I'll jump in."

They stop sniffing the air and focus into the forest. "We've found something, Dragons and others." One of the Dogs says seriously stomping ahead. "But there are two groups, separated but close."

            "Fine then, we'll have to split up." The Pig says seriously. "Where is the closest group, I will head there."

            "The closest group is to the west, but there are more people there." One of the Dogs says seriously.

            "Okay, well you brazen Ox, you will come with me." The Pig says seriously continuing to fan himself. "You miss Horse will head off to the other group alongside one of the Dogs."

            "Alright, I will take care of the trash on my end and then join you two." She says as she walks off. "Come now doggie, we've got work to do."

            "Don't act so big Horsemeat." One of the Dogs says seriously. "Step out of line and I'll take you to the glue farm myself."

            "Oh nasty, quite the wild dog aren't you?" She asks jokingly. "It doesn't matter, let's get this battle over with so we can claim another temple for our alliance."

            "Good then we're all agreed." The Ox says excitedly. "Now let's head out!"

As the group separates Rance continues watching them as they begin to separate into two groups. "So that should make the battle easier for them, but still this will be quite the test for them."


On the side of the canyon underneath a large cliff Lycoris, Rana, Lamis, and Eamon look around after the previous nights rainstorm surveying the forest around them. After a moment they sit around thinking of a way to explore deeper into the forest.

            "Finding the others should be the biggest priority." Rana says seriously ordering the group around. "But we should try our best not to get lost so we don't lose our shelter."

            "Yeah, it would be bad if we also got lost while searching for the others." Lamis says seriously. "But maybe my connection to Dirk will have a better idea about where they are so I can find them."

            "Okay you try connecting to him and then we'll go out hunting." Lycoris says seriously. "But we'll have to deal with a few guests first."

            "Guests?" Eamon asks seriously.

Suddenly one of the Dogs comes rushing out of the forest out towards Eamon before he blocks the attack tossing the Dog back. Everyone readies themselves for battle as the Pig and Ox come out of the forest looking on seriously.

            "This is quite the menagerie of fledgling foes a Tiger, an Ox, a Ram, and a Dragon." The Pig says jokingly coming out of the forest with a grin on his face. "We must be on the path to a Temple if they've set guards out to defend it."

            "Are you sure, why would they allow kids to guard this area." The Ox says seriously before glaring at Eamon. "So speak child, why are you here?"

Eamon remains silent looking at the Ox nervously as he clenches his fist. "I see it now, you are an exile and now a traitor well I shall erase your shame along with your life!"

The Ox charges forward as Eamon attempts to block the blow only for the larger frame of the Ox to force him back slamming into the wall. Seeing an opening the Dog jumps ahead towards Lycoris who blocks his attack kicking him into the ground with a grin on her face.

            "Well I say the biggest threat is that Ox, Lamis you stand back and let us take care of the mess." Rana says seriously.

            "Oh you think I'm easy to take down?" The Pig says seriously stomping on the ground. "Don't underestimate the Pig Clan, just because we prefer not to fight doesn't mean we don't know how to!"

He charges in at an intense speed charging into Rana with the full force of his weight pushing her back a distance into the wall. Rana picks herself up looking on the Pig as lightning starts cracking all around her and her wings emerge from her back.

            "So avoid the charge of the big stupid Pig, got it." She says seriously before taking off into the air. "Let's just call down the lightning and then barbecue you!"

As the battles erupt around her Lamis looks on nervously before looking on towards Eamon as the larger Ox continues pushing him back with intense force. "I won't sit here and be useless, I have to do something to help."

Zodiac Wars Vol.5 Ch.7
As the group start recovering a group begins invading hunting for the group.

Fairy Fencer Vol.II

Ch.7: Rivals pt.4


Outside of the station inside of the ship port Valda's ship sits in the back corner of the port. Inside Valda and Adian tend to Hita as she rests inside a healing pod unit, with Nari, Janghwa, and Misu standing around outside of the ship awaiting any news. The trio sits around in silence, but after a while, Janghwa walks up to Misu concerned.

            "What is it?" Misu asks not looking at Janghwa. "How, how could we lose? How could we lose to a child like you?"

Janghwa looks on reaching out her hand towards Misu with a worried look. "Are you worried?"

            "Worried? Yes, I'm worried, I didn't want anything else to happen to Hita. She's already been through enough trauma for one lifetime."

            "Don't worry, Ms. Valda and Ms. Adian may seem mean sometimes but their really good," Janghwa says trying to cheer her up. "When I was really tired from training one day Ms. Valda made me this drink that made me feel better than ever, even if it tasted nasty. And Ms. Adian can heal almost anyone, even if she seems really mean."

            "Who seems mean you brat." Adian walks out of the ship looking on the group before pointing into the entrance. "The girl woke up and now she's waiting for her partner to show up, so get your buts in there!"

Misu rushes into the ship as everyone sits around waiting for some form of sign for their turn to enter. "So how'd it all go?"Nari asks curiously.

            "She's fine just wiped a bit, lucky she isn't dead and just being a foolish kid." Aidan looks around before staring down at Nari. "I don't want you doing anything like that, we got lucky this time if we were a little off then she would be dead."

            "I get you, exposing myself to space isn't anywhere on my to-do list," Nari says seriously before looking down at Janghwa. "And I don't care if you can survive in it, you better not either."

            "Yes, Noona." Janghwa says seriously before looking back at the ship. "Can we?"

            "Yeah go on ahead, they could use a bit of talking to," Aidan says dismissively. "Just make sure you don't stare."

The trio rush towards the ship as Aidan continues standing around pulling out a cigarette. "Damn, I can't smoke here, can I? It's good if they learn now, it's good they learn some of the consequences of losing."


Inside of the ship Valda stands around as Misu has her knees on the ground crying into Hita's lap. As they get closer they look on to see Hita's legs gone and only stumps remaining as she looks up at the group.

            "Hello, all of you," Hita says with an odd grin on her face. "Well it looks like we're all out there now, you know who we are and we know who you are."

            "That was fast learning all of your classmate's names already?" Nari asks jokingly. "Well no, but I can easily go around the school looking at people's faces until I find you, but it's no use now."

            "What's wrong?" Janghwa asks confused walking up to the pair. "Why're you both so sad?"

            "You haven't figured it out?" Misu asks confused whipping away her tears and looking at Janghwa. "We lost, and that was our last shot. Now we don't have any chances left."

            "Does this have to do with the Rose War?" Rolin asks concerned.

            "So a regular Human knows about it too," Misu says seriously. "Yes, we are going to be kicked out of our clan. Without their support then we can't do anything, we'll have to separate to survive."

            "Why!?" Janghwa asks seriously rushing up to Misu's side. "Why do you have to separate, why can't you two stay together you want to right?"

            "Your too young, you're a prodigy on top of that there's no way you could understand us," Misu says seriously. "I bet your clan is really proud of you?"

            "We're not a part of this stupid war or members of any clan," Nari says seriously. "We're on our own trying our hardest to protect one another."

            "What? Your both Clanless? How is that possible, I was told that without the Clans that Fairies aren't allowed to go by themselves."

            "That's because you were born into the Clans," Valda says seriously. "As a member of the Clans they don't want you to ever leave, however, you can live fine out on your own assuming you can find work. You will have to register with the Fairy Fencer Organization, though, and you will still have to fight every now and then."

            "Misu." Hita grabs her hand and looks on holding back her tears. "I'm sorry I'm a weak partner, but I don't want to be separated from you, I love you after all."

            "I love you to Hita, I don't want to be separated either," Misu says crying without restraint.

Nari looks on before walking out with Rolin following behind her. "Come on Nari, let's leave the two of them alone. We don't want to get in their way."


The next day at lunch in the middle of the courtyard Nari, Janghwa, Rolin, and Natalie sit around eating their respective lunches, with Hita and Misu sitting next to them with Hita feeding Misu and Misu holding Janghwa. "Is that good Misu?"

            "Your cooking is always good Hita." She says before looking down on Janghwa. "Do you want to try some?"

            "Okay why are you both here and why are you coddling my sister?" Nari asks annoyed.

            "Well we can't afford to leave this station and you're the only people we know," Hita says happily.

            "And Janghwa is entirely surrounded by Humans, she has no Fairy influence around her," Misu says seriously. "As her elder, it's my responsibility to help raise her to become an excellent Fairy."

            "But I already have Noona," Janghwa says happily.

            "Misu always liked being around the young Fairies so she's gotten attached to Janghwa apparently," Hita says happily. "It kind of makes me jealous."

            "Okay don't do anything weird to my sister," Nari says annoyed.

            "It's getting rowdy around here," Natalie says seriously.

            "Yeah, but it's nice in a way," Rolin says happily.

            "I guess you're right."

Inside of her office, Aidan looks on the group seriously as they sit around before turning away. "Great now there are four brats I'm in charge of, eventually, they'll take notice. I have to get them ready before more of them show up and especially before those guys figure out where we are."

For those of you waiting the wait is over Labyrinthine, Zodiac Wars, Fairy Fencer, and Extra Hero are back with their new volumes. On top of that Pokemon: Gijinka Knights and MLP: Harmonics are returning with new tales and finally a new work is being added to the Mini Series Fire Emblem Fates: Wrath of the Dual Dragons that's right a new Fanfiction work to add to the list so for those of you confused Pokemon Special Conquest, Digimon R2, Void Vol.2, Labyrinthine Vol.5, Zodiac Wars Vol.5, Fairy Fencer Vol.2, and Extra Hero Vol.2 are works that'll be updated weekly while Persona Survivor, Pokemon Gijinka Knights, MLP: Harmonics and Fire Emblem Fates: Wrath of the Dual Dragons are works that'll be updated once every other week. So with all that said I hope you all find something enjoyable here in this lot.


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If you haven't noticed the number of deviations I write a ton of stuff so hopefully you'll find something you like.


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